Jeunesse Global: A Cosmetic and Vitamin Review

Jeunesse Global is an innovative group of entrepreneurs. The group began with two co-founders, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Today, the administration and other leaders collaborate with thousands of individuals to promote age-defying treatments, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics.

NV, pronounced envy, is their unique makeup foundation. Blended with Jeunesse Global proprietary APT-200, which is a protein-based rejuvenator, the foundation is dispensed to create a professional looking application at home. It is an oil-less spray that is misted across the face. NV is applied in a few steps, and it can be modified to fit your skin’s condition and coverage needs.

To begin, shake it up. The ingredients must be thoroughly combined in order for it to spray on evenly, so take the time to shake it for at least five to ten seconds. If you have dark spots or other blemishes to cover up, spray a small amount into your hand, Dip your finger or a cosmetic puff into the solution than dab and blend over the dark or damaged areas. Once you have completed the treatments, hold the container about seven to nine inches away from the face. Start to spray back and forth across the face, and try to use even sweeping motions. Allow the makeup to settle for about ten seconds then blend with an NV cosmetic puff. Your skin will have a flawless appearance.

You can customize the misting by adding layers. One misting makes a light coverage, which may be perfect for the office. A second layer will cover the face moderately. This medium level of coverage might work for a dinner date. A third misting offers the highest level of coverage. Three layers produce full coverage and may work great for photographs or any situation where you need an airbrushed appearance.

Jeunesse Global blends the outside with the inside. One of their nutritional supplements, which compliments their cosmetic line, is AM/PM Essentials. It is the perfect way to balance morning vitamins, which give you energy, with evening caplets that help you unwind and get ready for sleep. Another supplement, Finiti, supports general health. It is packed with antioxidants from plants, fruits, and herbs.