Sunday Riley: keeping the Good Genes

Sunday Riley is a relatively young brand on the market, only making it’s first appearance in 2009. Since that time, is has become well-loved by fans across the country and has a cult following of social media influencers. Clients love products like Luna (Sleeping Night Oil with Retinol) and Good Genes (an All-in-one Lactic Acid Treatment). The product packaging is delectable, quality exceptional and the price points are reasonable. Brandy, a makeup artist, based in Connecticut, states: “You pay for what you get”.

The brand gets it’s namesake from it’s founder, Sunday Riley; she is a seasoned cosmetic chemist and product formulator. After getting frustrated with “ineffective formulations” for skincare and realizing that many consumers were dissatisfied with longstanding skincare brands for lack of quality, she decided to work to develop a line of products that actually brings results, regardless of genes (have we used this pun enough?).

Sunday Riley got it’s start when the team pitched a few of the product prototypes to Barneys, major retail chain based in New York. Barneys fell in love with the concept, declaring Riley put her own name on the products. As the brand first was breathed into existence, their advertising budget was nil so they put their products in the hands of both large and small scale social influencers. Word of mouth was the spark that made the brand take off.

Sunday Riley’s goal is to keep products affordable, high quality, and user-friendly. Riley’s commitment to “making the best and nothing but the best” shows up in brand decisions to ex-nay their makeup line. A line was added in 2011 with a vast array of cosmetics, however, Riley soon discovered that it watered down the brand’s vision and mission. The line was soon cut so as to return focus on the highest quality skincare for it’s consumers. The products continue to be worthwhile to Brandy, who despaired over genetically large pores. Brandy states she “used to wear so much foundation because I hated my large pores and dark spots. Sunday Riley has given me back my confidence. I don’t know what I would do without it.”