The Fabletics S/S’ 16 Collection

Two words will always spring onto your mind whenever you think about the gym wear- they are drab and boring. Most of the garments that usually hang off you are always see through something which makes you feel uncomfortable in every way. However, this has managed to change over some time. Thanks to the brand new Fabletics, an active wear brand. Kate Hudson is the co- founder of Fabletics.
Kate Hudson, mother of two, iconic actress and a fashion tastemaker was definitely born to inspire others. In her fight to ensure support and motivate women to lead an active and healthy life, Kate decided to come up with a fashionable new line of mix and match outfits which you can always put on in your daily run, down at your gym or during your yoga class.
In making the line even more special, Kate decided to share all her favorite outfits just to be sure they are Kate approved. S/S’16 is made up of pieces which come in eye catching monochrome floral prints and geo patterns.
Actually, it is much easier to see the brand creating clothing which inspires one to stay active whether you are taking part in body condition class or training for a marathon. The on trend designs are high in quality, affordable which makes Fabletics to be more accessible to those who are on tight budget.
Yes, that’s not all. According to, Fabletics also allows the energized ladies to sign up to a VIP subscription service. There they can always opt out for a couple of months when you are not able to pay and even able to cancel it anytime. It is easy to get started, all you have to do is take a brief quiz which will help them in coming up with a personalized outfit recommendations that will be able to fit your style. You can read more on The Clothes Maiden.

The Co-CEO’s of JustFab Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler launched Fabletics together with Kate Hudson. This is after they managed to realize a gap in the active wear market place. Actually, there were lots of luxury brands though none of them managed to offer a high quality and stylish gear to a certain price. The three innovators decided to come together to develop Fabletics brand in 2013.
At Fabletics, clothes that inspire one to stay active are made whether it means taking part in an iron man competition, chasing after two kids or sweating in the studio.