Betsy DeVos and Deep Thoughts

Betsy DeVos likes to push her mind to its limits whenever the chance emerges. There are many human beings in this world who are okay with leading normal lives. DeVos has never been anything like them, however. That may be due to her extraordinary background. She grew up witnessing her entrepreneur father do great things at work and at home. It may simply be part of her essence, too. Some people naturally feel joy any time they’re productive and trying to endorse greatness. DeVos may be part of that second category.


DeVos is a famous face thanks to her role in President Donald Trump’s administration. That’s not the only reason she’s such a famous figure these days, though. She’s actually been a recognized individual for years. Her charity work has gotten notice from people and media outlets all around the United States and globe. Her marriage to Dick DeVos has also been a source of attention for her. Dick has done a lot for political matters throughout the decades. He’s been an instrumental component in so many major businesses as well. Amway is a renowned company that’s a family tradition for him. He even worked as the head of Amway for quite some time.


Dick without a doubt encourages Betsy to be the best version of herself possible. She doesn’t need that kind of encouragement in any way, however. She’s always been a firecracker. Classmates who attended Calvin College in Michigan with her decades ago may remember that part of her personality as well. Betsy was already wrapped up in politics by the time her college experience came around. Nothing is different now, either. Politics and philanthropy are two subjects that consume her in the greatest possible way.


DeVos is an elegant woman who doesn’t create fusses or make excuses. She doesn’t ever make things all about herself. She’s always giving her undivided attention to the most pressing and critical matters at hand. If she’s not fully in line with President Trump or with anyone else that’s part of his team, she accepts it. She understands that people are not always going to have the same exact opinions. President Trump sometimes makes decisions that involve political matters such as gender and bathroom use in public. People who have relationships with DeVos always indicate that she believes in her own thoughts and emotions before anything else.¬†Learn more:¬†


DeVos is one of the most trusted and respected education proponents of the modern era. She realizes that education is paramount for all contemporary youth. It isn’t only enough for all children to simply attend school regularly, though. That’s because DeVos wants all children to be able to attend the schools that are ideal for their requirements and lifestyles. A school that’s fitting for one child may not be appropriate for another one. Educational choice counts a lot in the big DeVos world. It doesn’t only count for Betsy. It also counts for her doting husband. Betsy and Dick have many views that are similar.