Ara Chackerian is balancing between entrepreneurial desires and philanthropic efforts.

Ara Chackerian is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, and investor who also has a passion for philanthropy. His heart has always been with the desire to invest in the health-tech and services field. Ara has the reputation of building many companies that provide healthcare. He is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. This is an organization that focuses on companies that offer healthcare at early stages. Also, Ara Chackerian co-founded TMS healthcare, and he is also a member of the board of directors for the company.

Ara is also an active member of the board for other companies such as PipelineRX and Mint Medical Education. In his quest to build more outpatient radiology centers, he came across the idea of venturing into outpatient psychiatry platform. An area that was particularly of interest was the treatment for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS. Ara chackerian was optimistic that this new venture would help treat patients suffering from depression in conjunction with medication and talk therapy. Many patients had not accessed this new form of treatment; Ara was positive and confident that something special would be created to help the patients. Seven new facilities have been erected some of them designed by renowned architects such as Josh Heitler. The facilities give the patients a calm and relaxed environment. Ara Chackerian’s daily life is driven by his visions where he brings a balance between entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Ara’s ideas are actualized through his daily encounter with life. He believes in thinking hard about life and in the process new ideas are born and realized. Check out

Ara Chackerian is excited about the trend of digital healthcare remarking that an extensive amount of improvement will be achieved in the healthcare system. Ara has the habit of drawing inspiration from nature. He also runs his ideas by his wife who validates them a habit that he accredits his success. Ara Chackerian advice to the young entrepreneurs is to be wise at picking their partners in business. Ara and his team scrutinize new ideas identifying the pros and cons in detail. This is a valuable lesson to learn because for many entrepreneurs an idea might be too good that they may forget the loopholes that may exist making it hard for the idea to be actualized. Ara Chackerian recommends reading The Worry Cure a book about how to worry less in life. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.

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