Ara Chackerian and Mental health Awareness Month

The month of mental health awareness is an essential moment in the year when people come together to identify those people that have mental health illness. This observation month program started in 1949. Many organizations fund some activities during this one-month long observation as well as other events aiming to educate, assist, and inform the public including individuals involved in the mental health community.

According to Ara Chackerian, there are chances that one is not affected by mental health issues, but there is a way one can help. Many people are working with the mental health community either directly or indirectly to bring about changes in the community. Ara claims that there things that people can do to improve mental health awareness. He states that it is essential to know how to help the people who need help. Many people are dying every day because of mental health challenges, and the more people are aware of how they can help, the better chances of helping those who have such challenges. It is essential to find professional help for a person who has mental health illnesses even when one is not related to them. There are so many places to contact for help for a person who has mental issues like the local mental health facility, the law enforcement department, outreach programs, and others.

For those having the mental health illnesses, it is essential to know how and to who to share with about their experiences. Sharing out is a way of opening up for help. Once one share about their challenges, people around will try to find help for them. In addition to this, sharing helps in encouraging other people who are in the same situation that they are not alone and that there is help for their conditions. Some people fear to share out because of the stigma related to mental health issues and thus it is critical to ensure that there is no stigma to allow people to come out for help. To see more visit


Ara Chackerian is an investor, businessman as well as a philanthropist. He has committed much of his time in working to find out the best ways to link technology and healthcare services.