How Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is Revolutionizing Automobile Industry

One of the people that have been instrumental in ensuring that the automobile industry in Brazil is at per with the global standards is Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. Although he is a trained physician, his love for automobile and cars, in general, has always inspired him to make business moves in the automobile industry. His business footsteps in this industry go back to more than four decades. It is interesting to note that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has not only made some of the best deals in this industry, but he has also invested heavily in the research and production in the automobile industry. Currently, he is in a position to influence policy to restructure for the growth of this industry in Brazil.

Even though the automobile industry requires substantial investment, his passion for this niche is unmatched. In the last four decades, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been part of this industry; he has made business deals not only to make good returns but also to give the Brazilian automobile industry a global recognition. Due to his broad dream of making Brazil the ultimate destination for good car models, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has collaborated with some automobile giants such as Ford in the past. These dealerships according to him has always expanded his view on the automobile industry. He became one of the biggest Ford dealers in this part of the world.

Due to his impressive approach to business, and more importantly automobile Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been one of the most rewarded individuals in this part of the world. Eight years ago, for example, he became the first person in Brazil to win “Good doer Company” award for his impressive approach to distribution in the automobile industry. Four years later, JD Power Institute names him as one of the most innovative persons in the sales of the automobile. These two awards cement Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade position in the industry. Apart from being an impressive businessperson in this part of the world, it is important to note that he has diversified automobile importation and distribution.

Betsy DeVos, Education and Traction

Betsy DeVos is without a doubt what many individuals would refer to as being a “maverick.” She doesn’t let others steer her in any sense. She sets her sights on objectives and doesn’t let up until she gets precisely what she wants. That attitude has done well for her throughout the years, too. Dick DeVos definitely won’t dispute that. Her husband has many values that are reminiscent of her own. That may explain their rock-solid union that has stood the test of time. The couple have adult children together now. They have created a non-profit organization together that’s been going strong for years and years. This group is called simply the “Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.” It’s been a gift to causes that run the gamut. These causes include poverty, culture, education and art. Education isn’t at all a faraway concept for Betsy DeVos. Since she’s the latest Secretary of Education for the United States, she knows how to speak at length about schooling in the massive Northern American nation. That’s not to say that she doesn’t know a lot about schooling systems in other parts of the planet, either. Her educational proficiency knows no bounds.


DeVos doesn’t ever back down from a challenge of sorts. She has her priorities straight. Education is among her biggest concerns right now. It’s been among her biggest concerns for a lengthy stretch of time, too. People who have worked for American schools have encountered DeVos many times. They’ve encountered her in the company of her devoted husband as well. They never say no to the chance to speak with parents who have questions about education. They never turn away from the opportunity to get insight from the people who truly grasp what’s going on educationally in the United States. People who have been around Betsy and her husband are consistently impressed by their attitudes. They don’t feign concern at all. They’re the real deal.


President Donald Trump works alongside a vast number of people. DeVos is one of his administration’s members right now. President Trump has a lot of faith in DeVos and in all that she’s capable of accomplishing. She’s earned that level of trust as well. DeVos is a person who always means the things she says. If she decides that she’s going to go after something, she means it 100 percent. Sincerity has always been one of her most compelling characteristics.


Educational vouchers are big news in the United States as of late. People hear about these vouchers via the media regularly. They get mentions on television programs in the morning. They get mentions in the newspaper and in magazines as well. DeVos has a lot of savvy that involves educational vouchers. She thinks that it’s high time the rest of the world caught up, too. She wants to make these vouchers ubiquitous in the United States. DeVos has a confidence in education and its direction lately. She wants the youth of America to take advantage of education’s traction.


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Fortress Investment Group Predicted To Thrive Under SoftBank

In early 2017 Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank announced some big news for both of the companies. Recently, the founder of SoftBank decided that he wanted his tech giant to become a big name in the world of finances and believed that purchasing Fortress would be a great start to his plans. Fortress is one of the most well-known names in alternative asset investing and they have been making waves in the industry for years. This reputation is one of the reasons why Softbank’s CEO Masayoshi Son has so much faith in this transaction and believes that it will bring great opportunities despite what any critics have to say about it.


After Fortress Investment Group went public, they started a trend on Wall Street as many other institutions took the chance as well after they found success with it. At the time, going public was able to benefit their company in many ways, but as the market changes so do businesses. A lot of companies would be disheartened at being taken off of the NYSE, but Fortress believes that with all of the new regulations in place it is the best thing for their company. Visit


This purchase by SoftBank gave Fortress Investment Group a chance to be delisted and they believe this move will allow them to make much better decisions for their company’s future. When a company is public, one of their main concerns is the opinions if the shareholders. When public companies were forced to start releasing quarterly reports, it made it difficult for many of them to complete long-term projects as they weren’t beneficial for numbers immediately.


This purchase by SoftBank was completed at the end of 2017 and Fortress Investment Group is settling into these changes quite well. While the company may have an owner, they are still being able to operate in a manner that is almost identical to what it had been before. The principals and leaders of the company have shown that they are strong leaders and capable of making good decisions for their clients and company. SoftBank is looking forward to being able to use their expertise in their growth. Visit


OSI Industries: Overcoming Challenges Associated with Food Production

Currently, OSI Group has 20,000 workers serving in 65 facilities across 17 countries. The company’s rise from humble beginnings into one of the major corporate businesses was a primary slice of the 20th-century economic history when immigrants relocated from Germany to Chicago. At that moment, the firm became one of the leading providers of meat. The company is now growing its footprint into becoming one of the modern globalized food providers in the world.

OSI Industries Becomes A Leading Food Provider

OSI Group’s history is rooted in the immigrant experience when Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago. After two years of settling, he opened a butcher retail shop and started selling high-quality meat to the locals. Over the years, OSI Group was known as one of the leading food providers in the community. The people enjoyed the food. As such, Kolschowsky was determined to work with more suppliers in order to cater to more clients. He opened another store in Maywood. Shortly after, his brand started expanding exponentially.

Bringing in More Suppliers

According to Carl Sandburg, it was a hog butcher for consumers. More businesses were established in the locality. For Otto & Sons, becoming one of the best suppliers meant providing high-quality food. It was at that moment that the team decided to embrace a new era of technology in a food preservation method that helped them to conserve more products. OSI started opening more branches across the world. It was at that moment that Otto and his sons established a strong presence in the market.

The Expansion of OSI Industries

After World War II, the company decided to expand its horizons internationally. With access to some of the world’s best supply chains, OSI Industries became the sole provider for good food. The company secured good prices on high-quality products in order to fit the customer’s operations. Over the years, it has also suited the client’s operations and needs. OSI Industries has entered into joint ventures with warehouses, farms, and plants that can help it to supply meat and other related products to consumers. The company is also working diligently to be the premier provider of leading branded foods in North America and Europe.

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Choosing the HGGC Agency for Investing

For a high-quality private equity firm, there is nothing quite like the HGGC agency. Established and launched in 2007, HGGC has become a leader in the private equity industry. They have partnered with well over 100 different organizations and companies to invest in their ideas and endeavors. By partnering with these companies, more smaller businesses are able to thrive and job growth is expanding rapidly. For this reason, many people looking for a reputable and solid private equity firm are choosing HGGC compared to many others available.

With the wide range of different choices available, the HGGC company is one of the best available. They have over $4.3 billion in capital already invested in smaller and middle market companies very much like your own. If they feel that a company has a lot of potential and a solid idea, they are more than willing to help with its overall growth by investing finances into it. This is helping smaller businesses to thrive in an ever-growing market that makes it difficult otherwise for them to achieve their goals.

For more information on the HGGC agency and what they can do for you, be sure to visit their site or learn more about them. They primarily help to invest in businesses that are already established and earning over a million in revenue annually. For this reason, you will first need to find out if you are a viable candidate for their services. Once they invest into your company’s future growth, they will take a small percentage of all sales that are being made and this is going to help your entire company to be an incredible source for those interested in using it. You will love what this company is able to do for you and the fact that they work with tons of different organizations so that entrepreneurs can realize their dreams and potential. The financial backing that you will receive from a private equity firm is enough for your company to thrive in a market that tends to be quite competitive for those who are trying to grow and expand.

The Basics of Freedom Checks Covered

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are still available to savvy investors, but if you have questions you are not alone. Despite offering higher than normal returns, Badiali never really explained how Freedom Checks work. The main thing to know is that it is a legitimate investment opportunity.

Freedom Checks are Investments in Master Limited Partnerships

A Master Limited Partnership is a business venture that operates like a publicly traded entity. The only difference is it remains a privately-held business. MLPs sell two different types of stakes: limited partnership stakes and general partnership stakes. Stakes function exactly like stocks. They garner investors a percentage of the company. In the case of limited partnerships, however, these stakes carry no controlling interest. The controlling interest is only available in general partnership stakes, but these stakes are never sold to the public. Investors who purchase stakes supply the company with capital, and in turn, the company returns their investment with a percentage of profits. MLP investments are known for generating higher investment return than normal returns. A freedom Check is simply a return of capital payment.

Why They Are Important?

The U.S. Government uses MLPs to bolster its energy independence. It does this by creating an incentive in the form of a generous tax benefit. Under Statute F, MLP companies that deal 90% of their business in natural resources qualify for a significant tax break. All they have to do is payout most of their profits to stakeholders before taxes, and the government will tax them on the measly amount left over. As the companies retain general partnerships the money funnels back into the natural resource business. Limited partnerships get the rest, and because the companies have to dispense around 90% of their revenue, those returns are sizable.

How Freedom Checks Work

Signing up for Freedom Checks is an investment in Badiali financial newsletter. He tells investors what MLP companies to purchase stakes from. Once the stakes are purchased investors can sit back and rake in the returns. Stakes can be bought as low as ten dollars and are available to any age group. They payout in monthly to quarterly installments.

Matt Badiali Feels Higher Oil Prices Are Six Months Out

The sanctions that have been placed on Iran took effect in early November. The Trump administration is trying to force Iran to come up with a new deal regarding nuclear program. These sanctions will punish any country that tries to do business with Iran and are meant to apply as much economic pressure as possible. One fear of the Trump administration is that oil prices could potentially get out of hand, however, they feel that they could apply these sanctions without causing oil prices to skyrocket. So far, the oil market has remained calm, even though the sanctions are now in effect. One analyst who believes that oil is still about to rise in price is Matt Badiali. He stands by his call that sanctions are going to put upward pressure on the price of oil, but he explains to his subscribers why oil is not making its move yet.

Matt Badiali told his subscribers that Iran is still able to export its oil for another six months to a few counties and is the reason oil prices have not risen. This is a grace period the United States is giving these countries. After the six months, however, these countries will not be able to purchase Iranian oil without a penalty. Matt Badiali also points out that both the United States and Saudi Arabia increased production right before the sanctions took effect, and the extra oil has created a surplus for the time being.

Matt Badiali feels the Trump administration should not celebrate these lower oil prices because he feels they won’t be around long. He anticipates that Iran will be adding almost a million barrels of oil a day less to the global markets once the six-month grace period officially ends. He says that Saudi Arabia and the United States will not be successful in filling this gap. He also explains that the world will not be able to rely on Venezuela to help add more oil to the global markets. Matt Badiali is predicting oil to jump over $100 a barrel as soon as the summer comes, which is around the time the six-month grace period to buy Iranian oil ends.

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Stream energy: Creating the future of charitable foundations

After the devastating floods and home damage leftover by Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas and its surrounding areas, one particular company was standing ready to bring aid and comfort to those affected by this horrible storm. Stream Energy in conjunction with its charitable foundation “Stream Cares” was able to not only bring funding to local organizations like the Red Cross and habitat to humanity but provide hundreds of volunteers as well. Stream Energy, an energy provider that offers fix rate plans for customers is using part of their yearly revenue to innovate how corporate foundations are run. For a dozen years now, Stream cares has brought countless aid to communities in the form of funding and outreach initiatives.

Although charitable foundations are not a new concept, Stream Energy has taken it a step further with the creation of a separate branch of the company whose sole focus is to seek ventures in which Stream Energy can involve itself. This new move by Stream Energy does have its perks, corporate philanthropy in the manner in which Stream is conducting it allows a company to grow their brand, so much so that an increase in customer loyalty is dramatically increased as well as the buffer zone that allows companies to have when dealing with internal scandals such as lost revenue.

This is not to say that other companies don’t give back, in fact in 2016 alone over $19 billion dollars were donated to charitable organizations by companies all across the country. However, much of the advantage still lay within the Stream company as their business model allows them to create grassroots relationships. For example, when new employees come on board those individuals are tasked with creating network groups around their community, this, therefore, creates a unique bond with customers and other companies cannot compete with. There is no doubt that Stream and “Stream Cares” will continue to find ways to innovate this are of business, a goal that can only lead to win-win situations for both company and the community alike.

Marc Beer Advancing the Fight against Pelvic Floor Disorder at Renovia

Renovia Inc is now set for the development of several new products. This is after the firm secured a second round of funding from investors in the healthcare industry. The amount that the firm was able to raise in the Series B financing amounted to 42 million dollars of which 32.3 million dollars was from Series B equity and a venture debt of 10 million dollars. The funds will be directed towards research and development of Pelvic floor disorders products.
Renovia Inc. is a Boston based medical technology company that was co-founded in 2016 by Marc Beer, Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias, MD. At the firm, Beer doubles up as the Chairman and CEO. The firm specializes in the creation of various innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products that aid in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence. Pelvic floor disorder is a condition that only affects women and based on statistics more than 250 million women globally are already affected by the disease. Renovia Inc. for the more than two years it has been on operation has achieved a lot in the healthcare industry. Among its many achievements in April of 2018 Renovia first product Leva received a clean bill of health from FDA and is now available in the market.
Those that came on board to support Renovia Inc on this milestone funding include Renovia long time investment partners Longwood Fund. The other group of investment companies includes New York-based Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures of Missouri. Beer acknowledged the immense support that the three healthcare investment firms provided to Renovia Inc and thanked them for agreeing to come on board and share in the firm’s vision of delivering better diagnosing and treating pelvic floor disorder that affects millions of women globally. Beer added besides the funding pelvic floor disorder patients stands to gain a lot from the firms’ technological partnership. Among the things that pelvic floor disorder patients stand to benefit from the partnership include valuable data that will inform them of new treatment options, greater knowledge, and understanding of the condition and in the long run lower healthcare cost.
Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia Inc, is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of commercialization and development experience in industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and devices industries among others. Among the many firms that Beer helped established is ViaCell where he served as CEO IN 2002. ViaCell is a biotechnology firm that specializes in the use of human cells to provide custom cures. Beer has also served in various capacities in the sales department at Abbott Laboratories. As a consultant Beer provided consultation services to top healthcare firms and among them is OvaScience(Nasdaq: OVAS). Learn more:

CLayton Hutson on the Music Industry

Clay Hutson is from Nashville, Tennessee and earned a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University in Theater Design and a business administration master’s degree from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. He has worked as sound engineer to project manager under several different live music industry companies. Some well known artists he has worked with include; Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, OneRepublic, Lady Gaga, and Garbage to name a few.

Clay Hutson created his own production management company after one of the companies he was working for hit the recession. He knew he had all the skill sets needed in order to be able to successfully carry out a business such as his. With his touring experience and various positions in the music industry, he was ready to be an entrepreneur.

In order to carry out a successful tour or event, Clay Hutson takes every step necessary to maximize productivity. For any show he has going on, he wakes up early and gets to the venue before anyone else to review the schedule for the day and make sure everything is going as planned. Planning a schedule early on allows more room for creativity and also to give tasks to the right people of the crew based on their weaknesses and strengths. For Clay Hutson, good communication and organization allows no room for error and for a productive show.

One piece of advice that Clay Hutson would give to other individuals who want to go down the same path as his in the music industry is to be honest with yourself. By being honest with yourself, you can assess a problem or situation with objectivity, instead of seeing it how you would like it to be. In the long term, you will not be disappointed with the outcome and would be better for you overall. An example of this is stepping away from a big project that seems like it would be good for your career, but having to step away because of the negativity associated with it. If something doesn’t match up with your values, then you are better off stepping away from the project.