Upwork Helps its Users Optimize To-Do Lists

Upwork is one the internet’s most popular freelancing websites since the beginning of the internet age. The platform was founded 1999 under the name Elance. It later merged with another system named O-Desk, and eventually in 2013, it would become known as Upwork. The company boasts having one of the highest freelance user bases around the internet. They recently shared a blog post regrading to-do lists to help their user become better organized.

Every single freelancer needs a to-do list in order to stay on top of the daily tasks. To help its users, Upwork shared a blog post that lists 10 ways to optimize list making. The top tip is to simply write down everything. Recalling each and every thing to do is impossible. It also keeps everything all in one place. Preparing the list in advance is also vital for planning time effectively and deciding which tasks should be done before others. The to-do list is only as effective as the person carrying out the tasks.

It is important to keep re-evaluating the list as tasks are cleared. Sometimes bigger tasks can be split into a series of smaller tasks. That way bigger task becomes less stressful and the user can better pace themselves. For some people, tasks might actually be able to be completed in batches if they involve something similar or are in the same location. However, always make sure to not over extend yourself. Doing too much will lower productivity levels and throw off any future tasks.

Freelancers often have a long list of tasks that need to be completed. This blog post will help users get a handle on creating, sticking to, and allocating resources to completing tasks in a efficient manner. Upwork users are competing against each other for work tasks, thus time efficiency becomes critical in trying to optimize work time. Many users will come out of the blog post with something new to consider.

Madison Street Capital Keeps Making Excellent Deals

For Madison Street Capital, the point of helping their clients is so they can continue growing their business. They want to provide their clients with positive opportunities so they have a chance to succeed in the future. The company knows it takes a lot of effort to help people and they try to always put their clients first. They also know their clients will continue seeing a lot of success while they work on different options with them. They want their clients to realize they have the best deals in the investment and capital management industry. They also feel confident they can help people have a clear understanding of what it means for the future of their businesses. They know what they want to do and how they can help people get more attention no matter what issues they’re facing on their own.


By the time Madison Street Capital started offering their services to all their clients, they knew how to help them and knew what it would do to help the business succeed. Madison Street Capital knows that they can do different things based on the industry options they have. They also feel good about giving people the right opportunities for success in different areas. Even though they took a long time to earn success, they knew it was worth it. All the things they did were important for their clients and they saw it as something that would continue helping them.


Madison Street Capital is now working with Infiniti HR, they feel good about the things they can offer their clients. They feel comfortable giving back to the company and trying to help the clients have a good understanding of what they’ll be able to do on their own. It’s something that makes Madison Street Capital better than most of the others.


While the company continues helping people and showing them what they can do on their own, they know what it means to give attention to different people. They also feel there are times where they can make a difference while also giving others the experiences that will enhance their opportunities. The experiences they provide are all financial and give them the ability to give back to everyone they work with. They understand the importance of giving people the options they need for success and that’s how they push to make things better. Madison Street Capital believes in helping people the right way.


Read https://www.pr.com/press-release/700593 to learn more.

Shervin Pishevar tweetstorm predicts volatile markets, startup declines

In February, Uber investor and Investment company founder Shervin Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweetstorm that some called bizarre and others found prescient. In that time, Pishevar ran through predictions of a plummeting stock market and declining Silicon Valley, predicted the infrastructure of the United States would continue to disintegrate and argued that tech giants would strangle startups.

Known for his strong opinions, frequently expressed, it was no surprise that he wasn’t shy about sharing them, but the intensity and content of them surprised some people.

Pishevar predicted a 6,000-point drop in the market and a continuing decline for the value of bitcoin that would be matched by a surge of interest in gold again. However, he also said that bitcoin would stabilize and start to rise slowly again over a two-year period.

While he felt that Silicon Valley had lost its preeminent place in the tech landscape and that location was less important in contemporary entrepreneurship, he also predicted that any startups would have a tough time competing against giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Shervin Pishevar compared them the phone company monopoly before its government breakup and predicted that it might be a long time before any companies like Airbnb or Uber would make their mark again in the years ahead.

Pishevar also said that the failure of the United States to move quickly or think long-term about infrastructure would be its undoing. He cited the example of a train station in China that was built in just nine hours. Pishevar said he believed that only a few U.S. companies, such as SpaceX, would thrive.

Was he correct? A couple of days after Shervin Pishevar made his predictions, Dow Jones plummeted over 1,000 points. As for the rest of his predictions, their accuracy remains to be seen. However, it is worth nothing that Pishevar savvy in predicting trends has made him a success in business so far.


Infinity Group Australia Scaling Greater Heights In Finance Management

Born over two decades ago, Graeme Holm had a dream to achieve, and nothing would stop him. Growing up, he experienced financial constraints given that his parents were from a humble background. In what may seem to have been his motivation, Holm developed a soft spot for matters finance. This would later be the stepping stone towards a remarkable dream career. Equipped with over 17 years of experience in the banking industry, Graeme Holm has scaled up his way to the MBA Top 100 Brokers in Australia.


On May 2012, Graeme Holm and his beautiful wife established Infinity Group Australia, a financial company with its base in Sydney, Australia. Their vision was to enable people from all walks of life in Australia to manage their finances in a bid to ensure that their future was well taken care of. With many Australians trapped by the inability to manage their finances and the murky waters of debts from all corners, Infinity Group Australia came in handy to set them free.


Graeme Holm set out on a six-month-long journey to carry out in-depth on the challenges facing the mortgage market in Australia. Through the research, he realized that the financial institutions in Australia were not offering quality services to their clients, owing to the ever skyrocketing rise in the number of locals unable to budget their finances. Under Infinity Group Australia, clients are freely engaged in their day to day financial activities and can generate a monthly report on their performance.


Given that most locals live from hand to mouth, Infinity Group provides financial guidance that enables clients to pay off their loans in three months compared to the twelve months they previously took. With their coaching expertise, Infinity Group has facilitated the repayment of home loans in 7-10 years, a shorter period compared to the 30-year plan they would otherwise take. Graeme reiterates on the need for teamwork and collaboration as the key to success as different people rake in different ideas that help steer the company and its services in the right direction. Excellent customer service has been the sole foundation on which Infinity Group Australia stands since they stop at nothing to offer superior services to their loyal customers. The Customer Experience Management Award that they scooped in 2018 confirms this.


In a move that has won the hearts of many, Infinity Group Australia engages in community-based programs by sponsoring charity to a tune of $30,000 and giveaways including a brand new Jeep.

Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/contact-us/