Southridge Capital Continues to Provide Excellent Holdings Services to Clients

Connecticut based Southridge Capital LLC provides clients with a wide variety of options when it comes to ways to manage their monetary holdings. Having financed over 250 public firms over the last two decades, the corporation understands the issues and complexities that come with having a growing business. Their knowledgeable staff has the qualifications to guide their clients through various corporate tasks, whether a business is looking to become a public corporation. Management consists of leaders who have excellent attention to detail and who are diligent in their duties, such as CEO Stephen M. Hicks. Assisting companies with financial strategies customized just for them as well as aiding them with an exemplary handling of checks and balances is something the entire corporation takes pride in, and strives to continue improving how they accomplish these tasks.


Southridge Capital makes it their mission to provide structured financial and well-rounded, useful advisory services to their clients. CFO and Controller Nadine Persaud, Research Director Lawrence J. Ditkoff, COO Henry B. Sargent, and portfolio management specialist Linda Carlsen each do their part to accomplish this mission. From bankruptcy guidance and financial evaluations to assessment restructuring and improving balance sheets, the staff, who are highly skilled and experienced in acquisitions and big-time mergers, are heavily depended upon for what is known as the finest structured financial assistance around. They focus solely on providing the best financial security, options for financing, and strengthening credit for their clients. Check out for more.



With a strong dedication to providing a whole arsenal of revolutionary financial solutions, Southridge Capital does everything in its power to meet the needs of its wide variety of clients. The company has recently re-energized their brand in order to showcase all of the services they offer, as well as clearly redefining the company’s structure to better serve their clients.



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Simply Netpicks

Netpicks is a Youtube channel giving educational advice on trading. In their videos they try and keep it simple, making it feel easy to start trading. In the video “Learn Our 3 Simple Crude Oil Trading Rules” they advise on a chart, supplies, demand, and prices. Netpicks uses easy visuals to follow along with their points. They emphasize getting synced with the trade and keeping an eye on the chart. Trades are and continue to be a complicated subject but they give enough time to hit some valuable points without going too in depth where it might loss an intimidated audience. Towards the end of the video the speaker talks about being part of the Netpicks team and what the benefits might be.

In another video Netpicks talks about the effect emotions can have on trading. They give a basic example of what it looks like to have emotions impact decision making. The video is very simple visually, using large letters, underling, and highlighting important words. The narrator pulls from personal experience making the video feel easier to relate, learn more on He continues to help you understand when getting emotional may get the in the way of trading and exercises or methods that might help keep you calm and focused. Acknowledging these emotions still seems important, but knowing how to act on them is key. He talks about the importance of correcting your emotions right away because it can easily become a habit both effecting their trading skills and confidence. He even touches on the root of the problem for emotional instability; For example, drugs and poor diet.

Netpicks is geared to and audience that wants to learn, often giving real life examples, see ( The narrator is calming and straight to the point. The videos do not drag on and stay on topic with trading. The give helpful points and examples without overwhelming the audience with information.

Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur with influence

Shiraz Boghani serves several institutions because he is a good leader. Today he is the CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group. The hotels are doing well in the UK courtesy of the managerial skills of Shiraz. He also runs Sussex healthcare a facility which has been helping many in society. The facility is found in Sussex, England and he is among the founders. Because of his leadership ability, Shiraz Boghani is a member of the National Council. He also serves as the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board chairman among other leadership position. Shiraz Boghani is a native of Kenya but went to England for further studies. Initially, he went to study accounting, a course he did successfully. After training, he started his career working at Chartered Accounts. He later got employed at Thomson McLintock & Co. and displayed a proper understanding of accounting.

However, Shiraz Boghani saw it wise to start a business, and that is how he entered the hotel business.The best part is that Boghani has been in the hotel business for more than two decades. That is why he has acquired immense management skills to run any organization. He has several hotels located in London while others are scattered in England. Boghani was recognized as the hotelier of the year because of his significant accomplishments to become a successful hotelier in a competitive environment. His dedication has seen him become a respected business person by his colleagues. He has continued to be influential in business by developing and acquiring properties in the hotel sector. Boghani is philanthropic, and he works hard to help many in society. He wants people to change their lives and become better people.

Apart from being in the hotel business, Shiraz is also in the healthcare industry. He was among the founders of the institution which has been giving services to many people. Boghani is also involved in the management of the business. Sussex healthcare has become one of the leading organizations in the UK that provide services to seniors and people with different conditions. His experience in running a business is immense because he has worked for many years as an entrepreneur. Shiraz and his friend Sachedina has created an establishment serves the needs of the society in manner never seen before. Sussex Healthcare is a facility that provides essential services to a special group of people. This noble initiative has helped hundreds of people in need of special care live a good life under controlled environments.

Infinity Group-Your Financial Fitness Coach

Sometimes people need a little extra help such as with weight loss or help getting organized or help to get finances in order. One might hire a coach to help get motivated or on the right track and Infinity is the go-to coach for finances.


Many Australian families struggle under the heavy burden of debt and Infinity is a company that genuinely cares about their clients and is a financial fitness coach that offers many benefits. Infinity offers debt reduction, wealth creation, and even retirement solutions. Infinity offers a financial health test that gives clients a better idea of how they stand when it comes to their finances.


Retirement planning is a very important part of preparing for the future, and many families are too busy worrying about staying on top of all the bills rather than even thinking about planning for the future. Infinity is a great financial fitness coach that helps families to find a good balance between investing, making payments and budgeting. They are there to help and to help their clients to live a better quality of life by making their money work for them rather than having to struggle through the day-to-day grind only to have nothing to show for it.


Infinity creates custom wealth strategies that are tailored to the needs of each family, and they are in the business of getting people out of debt rather than the other way around. Infinity Group Australia reviews are positive because they are a company that cares and they have a great rap record.


They have a $6.3 million reduction in the mortgages of their clients on just the past 12 months and have taken 3,376 combined years off of the life of their clients’ mortgages. They have also eliminated an average of $41K in debt per client for a duration of 12 months as well.


Unlike many common financial institutions, Infinity Group does not make their living on the burden of others. They are not in the market to make money off of interest but rather the elimination of debt. There is no reason for any family to have to pay an outrageous amount towards debt or to have to spend an eternity paying off a mortgage There is a much better way and Infinity is the financial advisor to go to for all of your financial questions and needs. They’re the coach you need. Learn more:


What makes Fortress Investment Group such a good investment vehicle?

When you mention Asset-Based management, Industry Knowledge, Operations Management, Corporate Mergers, and Acquisitions or Capital Markets on industry leader comes to mind, and that is non-other than Fortress Investment Group. The group has been in existence since 1998 and has created tools necessary for the assessment of the strategic and operational health of an organization. With these they have been able to craft tools used by a Fortress investment group team of experts who know how to engage in and extract value from complex investments. This is a vision that was born at inception and continues to grow by the day. The founders of Fortress investment group were deliberate on setting their sights on these key areas as they understood how they worked and how they would grow them from the initial 400 million into what it is today.

Industry knowledge has been another area where Fortress investment has been keen on achieving unlimited insight. The concept of understanding the industry you invest in has always proved to be useful. It ensures that whatever potential hazards, as well as opportunities, can be weighed before making any investment decisions. It also ensures that whenever the team at Fortress group spot an opportunity, they are able to pass it through other teams that may understand different aspects of the same industry which ensures they are never blindsided. The vast industry knowledge at Fortress investment group has in large part been led by its leaders. Peter Briger, one of the Co-CEO’s, has been very keen on the development of debt management teams.

This has been instrumental as it has a bearing on how much credit they are able to take on when making investments. Part of the success of any equity or asset management firm comes from its management of debt and how much it flows back into assets as opposed to rewarding investors. The management style of Fortress Investment Group would attract the attention of Softbank, one of the largest investment banks from Japan. This was a solid investment opportunity for them and despite Fortress being a listed company they were ready to make an offer. In 2017 they made a 3.3 billion offer which was then passed on from management to the shareholders. In July the shareholders approved it, and the management was free to continue with the deal. Following the acquisition, however, the team at Softbank decided to maintain the leadership as it was. This meant that there was consistency going forward.