Information on NewsWatch TV And How They’ve Earned Such Positive Reviews From The Public

Reporting the news objectively, promptly, and diligently comes naturally for NewsWatch TV, a 25-year-old news outlet. Created in 1990, NewsWatch TV is a reputable media source that millions have come to adore and support. Delivered in 30-minute segments, NewsWatch TV’s programs are concise and to the point, allowing audiences to assimilate the information quickly yet effectively. Andrew Tropeano, the company’s lead host, works alongside their special reports team to narrate nothing less than compelling stories that uphold the facts.

Airing bi-monthly on The AMC Network and weekly on the ION Network, NewsWatch TV’s programs reach a widespread audience. To the tune of about 96 million households, in fact. Given the vast array of topics they touch on, it’s no wonder NewsWatch TV’s amassed such a faithful group of supporters. From technology trends and policy issues to medical advancements and breaking entertainment news, NewsWatch TV piques the interests of many. Though NewsWatch TV is most prominently known for being a dependable news outlet, they’re also a reputable business partner for budding and established brands.

Given NewsWatch TV’s extensive platform and broad audience, companies frequently leap at the opportunity to promote their products via this network. Above all else, organizations find NewsWatch TV to be an excellent starting point for campaign marketing. Counter Design, Avanca, Saygas, and SteelSeries are a few organization who’ve employed NewsWatch TV for this very purpose. The results these brands received proved satisfactory, with most exceeding the goals they initially set.

When asked to recount their experience with NewsWatch TV, each company raved about the network, commending NewsWatch TV for their commitment to the cause and professionalism throughout the process. What’s more, most were impressed with NewsWatch TV’s profound knowledge of the market and shrewd understanding of the inner workings of business. Their parting sentiments were just as uplifting, with each company stating that they’d happily partner with NewsWatch TV again.

Anil Chaturvedi a Professional Banker

Banker Anil Chaturvedi

Career Journey

Anil Chaturvedi has led an ideal career journey with experiences in investment banking, corporate advisory, private banking, financial markets, financial analysis, and wealth management. Anil Chaturvedi has worked with some firms where he has delivered quality results. He has been in the banking sector for more than forty years.

Anil Chaturvedi currently serves as the managing director of Hinduja bank. He is responsible for developing corporate advisory business, mergers and acquisitions, credit assets, international organizations, and spearheading cross-border strategic alliance between India, USA, Europe, and Asia.

Before his role at Hinduja bank, Anil Chaturvedi used to work as an international managing director of Merrill Lynch. He worked for Merrill Lynch for a total of 17 years. Here, he gained experience and skills regarding wealth management. Under his leadership, Merrill Lynch was named as one of the leading wealth providing solutions across the entire globe. Merrill Lynch is currently the prominent private banker covering global non-residents Indians in the United States and Europe.

Anil Chaturvedi has also served as the vice president and the senior representative for US operations at the ANZ Grindlays Bank. As the vice president of the financial institution, Anil Chaturvedi was responsible for developing leadership skills, handling matters involving regulations and compliance, product development, and creating a profitable model for the firm.

In 1991, Anil Chaturvedi joined the State Bank of India as the managing director in charge of planning and development. The bank was seeking a model that would attract non-residents in the United States, Europe, Asia, and India. Anil Chaturvedi was responsible for the implementation of the plan. In 1993, the bank had made $500 million as a result of the implementation of the project. Thus, Anil Chaturvedi was presented with the Man of the Year Awards by the State Bank of India.

About Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is a professional banker with more than four decades in experience. He joined Meerut University and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree. Anil also holds a masters degree in Finance and Economics from Delhi University. He has worked with numerous banks making him one of the most experienced professional banker.

Mina Ebrahimi’s History and Becoming an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Mina Ebrahimi is a shining example of an individual. For one thing, she is an entrepreneur. Therefore, she is independent. She is also doing the type of job she is passionate about. Another good thing about her success is that she is very organized. She does not drag her feet when it comes to her work. At the same time, she makes sure that she takes care of herself before she tries to take on the next assignment. For one thing, it is easy to lose balance as an entrepreneur. This is something that Mina Ebrahimi has learned to avoid when it comes to her work.


Mina has gotten her start working at her family’s bakery called Seven Corners. While she was working at Seven Corners, she has started up her own business called Saint Germain Cafe. One thing she has done was take a hands on approach to business. She has stepped outside of her comfort zone in order to meet with her clients and make sure that she is using her skills at customer service. One of the best things about her business is that she is heavily involved with her business. Therefore, she is working with others as well.


Mina Ebrahimi is also a philanthropist and animal lover. She does everything she can to make sure that people are having positive experiences. She is also a woman who has a great vision. She had a vision for turning her business into a full service company. She has also started a veterinarian intervention program. She is not only one of the most passionate workers of her generation but also one of the most influential in her generation. For one thing, she is always looking for ways that she can help someone. At the same time, she is also very discerning.

The Rise of Wes Edens to the Worlds Billionaire List

Wes Edens is popularly known for co-founding Fortress Investment Group, a company that focuses on investment management. He established the company in 1998 together with other four partners. The firm specializes in the investment of Bonds, private equity and hedge funds. Apart from Fortress Investment group, Wes has also been a backbone for other numerous companies. He is the founder of FlyQuest e-sport team and also a co-partner of the Milwaukee Bucks. Edens obtained his bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance from the Oregon State University. At Fortress Investment, he worked as the chief investment officer, chief executive officer and also as the president of the firm. He was named 369th billionaire in the world list by the Forbes.

Upon graduating, Wes Edens served in different companies. He first worked at the Lehman Brothers as a managing director and later on, became a partner of the business. In 1993, Wes joined the Blackrock Asset Investors and served as managing director till 1997. Mr. Edens name gained prominence in 1998 when he ventured into the investment world and founded Fortress Investment Group. With a solid background in finance management, Wes has substantially contributed to the leadership and growth of the company. One of the notable achievements was the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services. Wes identified the potential of the company, and he led the acquisition process. Later on, Springleaf Financial Services increased its worth 27 times, and this led to the general increase of returns at the Fortress Investment Group. The wall street journal named Wes as the new king of subprime lending.

Fortress Investment Group co-founders include; Peter Bridger, Robert Kauffman, Michael Edward, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens. The company used creative financing and investments to build businesses. In 2007, the firm made headlines as the first company to publicly trade buyouts. Mr. Edens with other four principals made billions in 2006 when Nomura Holdings paid 888 million dollars to purchase 15% of Fortress. Wes Eden works hard for his fortunes; he currently takes home 54 million dollars in a year and also holds 63.3 million shares of the business stock. He had the highest percentage of the voting influence among all shareholders.Wes Edens is also a board member of several other companies. He chairs the board members of the New Senior Investment Group and the chairman of the Drive shark CO. He also serves as the chairman and board of directors of the Florida East Coast Holding. Wes became the chairman of the board of directors of the Springleaf Finance Services in 2013.

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers Answers Your Questions

Alex Pall was ready to answer any and all questions about him, The Chainsmokers, and their new track Closer. He reveals that he met Andrew Taggart through their current manager. He had already been working with the manager to help boost his DJing hobby in New York City. The manager introduced the two because he thought that they would work well together, and they both had the same kind of goals. After meeting, the two immediately started working.

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Taggart moved from Maine to the city, and Alex Pall quit his job. They committed to spending all day grinding out music, and working together. This was four years ago, and now they are famous, award winning musicians. Right from when they started working together, they knew it would work out. They both had similar taste and brought different things to the table. Once they talked about their ambitions, and realized they both had the drive to achieve, and both really badly wanted to make it work, they knew that they were going to work great together.


They got together every day from 9AM to 7PM and just made music together, while also working on creating a great artistic identity to play off of. The most unique part of their sound though, comes with their newest track. For being a DJ duo in the electronic genre, it is unusual to hear the actual artist singing on their track, and yet that is exactly what Taggart did on Closer.


Pall also spoke about the audience they play towards and the people that connect with their music. Thanks to the internet age, and apps like Instagram, it’s very clear what kind of people love The Chainsmokers’ music. Their music is generally listened to by 16 to 25 year olds, but it does transcend ages, countries, genders, and cultures. There are people in the Philippines listening to them, and six year olds singing their music. For Pall, it is really just exciting to find that so many other people enjoy the music, and find an emotional connection to it, because that’s why they create it.

What the famed Chainsmokers band has been up to ever since its inception

The Chainsmokers is an American-based duo dealing in music production. It is composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo was formed in 2012 in New York City and has produced several songs and videos over the years. Most of the videos produced have numerous views, creating popularity for the two. Chainsmoker’s second single topped the Billboards New Dance 100 list recently accompanied by one billion live streams. This is just one of the many hits dropped by them.

‘Sick boy’ is another epic video produced by Chainsmokers. This song intoxicates and captures attention of fans by the live instrumentation and the vocals. It is incomparable with the previous ones. The video has so far gained popularity and the views now stand at 136 million.

‘You Owe Me’ is another song dropped by Chainsmokers in February, 2018. This single has attained the fourth position on the Billboard Bubbling under Hot 100 singles chart. In just a span of one month, 34 million views of the video have been recorded due to the unique nature of the video ending.

Although the ‘Closer’ song was produced in 2016, the lyric video was recently uploaded and it has around two billion views. It is quite unbelievable that the recently produced audio of the song ‘Everybody Hates Me’ already has nine million views in just one month! The ability to cheer up the fans has made Chainsmokers popular and admirable in their profession. ‘Don’t Let me Down’ is another song that hit very many views after the Ultra Music Festival held in Miami. A fan actually tattooed himself parts of the lyrics of the latest song.

More about Chainsmokers

The two are just more than DJs. They work really hard and always aim for a better outcome than the previous one. The Chainsmokers won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. They also won the American Music Awards and five iHeartRadio Music Awards. Currently, the duo is working on a song titled ‘Somebody’ which will be dropped soon. Just like the previous hits, the upcoming one is expected to be a hype with millions of billions of live streams.

Infinity Group Australia: How to Boost Your Financial Fitness

Financial fitness is something everyone wants to have in the modern times. The economies of different countries have changed, and people are looking for ways to make sure that they are fit, regardless of the changes that come their way. There are so many ways of increasing your financial fitness. If you are in Australia, you need to understand some of the available ways so that you can survive the tough times. Here is a review of some of the most effective ways according to the experts.


Get connected

Technology has been around for a long time now. Unlike in the traditional times, it is now possible to connect with people who are living miles away in a very affordable way. The market has benefited significantly from the latest technology. Investors have learned about effective means of improving fitness in finances, and they have been sharing it with people living in several other parts of the world. Several social media platforms can be used to share knowledge and expertise in the modern times. Facebook and Twitter are currently considered one of the leading platforms in the world. Through Twitter and other social media platforms, it is very easy to get very useful tips that can help you boost your financial situation. Using this social media accounts is very easy, and it will be very affordable. Follow financial experts in their social media accounts if you want to make your financial fitness better in the future. These experts mostly use this area to share some of the tips they have been using in their businesses.


Get a lifetime financial coach

Sometimes, getting your finances in order can be very complicated. The market is not a walk in the park. Things have become so complicated, and you will need to partner with some experts who will ensure that you remain on the right path. There are thousands of companies in the market that promise very good returns, but they tend to disappoint customers at the end of the day. If you are currently living in Australia, consider getting the services of an institution known as Infinity Group Australia.


Infinity Group Australia has been operating for a while now, and it has the perfect professionals who will walk with you and ensure that you get the kind of success and financial stability you have been looking to have. Infinity Group Australia will walk with you all the way, and they will never disappoint you. The company is also very affordable to the people who need its services. The company was founded by veterans in the finance department, and this explains why it has been performing so well in the competitive Australian market. With Infinity Group Australia, you can be assured of great returns at the end of the day. Learn more:

The Phenomenal Roles Played by Southridge Capital in the Finance Industry

Southridge Capital is a financial institution aiming at solving business relating to finance for various public companies. The employees at the company conduct market research in order to assist their clients diligently. The services they provide include Balance Sheet Optimization, Financial Analysis, Bankruptcy Advise, Legal Settlement, Restructuring Analysis and much more. Southridge Capital carries out monetization of both solid and liquid assets of a company while putting in consideration of loans and other assets the firm owns.


The decisions they make is based on the level of creditworthiness of different firms by determining the stocks of the company. Besides, the implementation judges the companies they represent on the level of liquidity of stock that is in the possession of the firm. The processes do not focus on registration statement and even their importance within the market environments. This way, the represented companies get to reap various advantages from the system. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital has provided capital to over 250 companies. The firm understands the setbacks that different managers encounter when setting up new companies. Such challenges are more prevalent in public financial institutions unlike the private sectors. Southridge Capital has formulated customized ways of handling finances for their clients. The uniqueness of their business is also dictated by their excellent skills in managing balance sheets for their customers. With this, the various companies can now keep records of debts and assets that they firm has for appropriate book keeping.


Apart from all that, Southridge Capital also provides its clients with a variety of beneficial loans against market parameters such as convertible debentures, common stock and even convertible preferred stock. The success that the company has been experiencing throughout the business is because of the efforts put in by their management team. The able Chairman, President and founder of the company, Stephen M. Hicks ensures that he organizes his team mates well for maximum achievements of their goals.


Southridge Capital has been the financial markets since 1996. Apart from providing expert advice to companies, it also thrives in philanthropy. The management team led by Stephen Hicks dedicate some of their profits into supporting the underprivileged.



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Academy of Art University: Innovating Young Minds

The Academy of Art University, a privately owned for-profit art school located in San Francisco, prides itself on its innovative environment cultivating creativity for its students. With an admission acceptance rate of 100 percent, the school is obviously doing something right. Founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens as Academy of Advertising Art the school has grown in so many ways. Empowering their students to come up with innovation to change the outlook of their community.


some students from the University presented their work on augmented reality to the Chief Innovation Officer of the San Francisco Mayor’s office. If adopted, their efforts will help make the Tenderloin District a safer place for its residents. Augmented reality makes it so that sounds, graphics, and touch feedback are in our natural world. Not to get confused with virtual reality, augmented reality uses our existing environment to place virtual resources and information on top of it. This assists with every day activities.

The freedom to create is one of the many things that the Academy promotes. Through interactive classrooms and learning students are able to build on concepts to create interactive technology and in a variety of fields. The fact that these students were able to benefit society in this way says a lot about the Academy and the type of creative minds they produce.

With new technology there does come challenges. The use of Augmented Reality is not yet spread in business or education. The main challenge is the cost of the products needed for this to be effective. AR glasses can range from $900-$3,000 and the applications that are needed to run AR have not yet been developed for every industry. But, even with the barriers, the industry thinks AR will be here to stay.

These exciting things are what makes The Academy of Art University a sought out after college for young people. These aspiring professional artists and designers are being set up with the tools to really flourish after graduation. Majority of graduates go on to successful careers at huge corporations making a footprint in the industry.