Investing Advice from Richard Dwayne Blair

Investing is less complicated than many people believe. One of the most important aspects of reaching a financial goal is merely staying consistent. Few people have the patience to remain committed to a goal over time. Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment professional who firmly believes in helping other people. A lot of people have worked with Richard in the past. He currently works for Wealth Solutions as a financial planner. He has written a lot of online content related to investing. Anyone who wants to take their investments to a new level should consider working with him.


One of the most common financial issues for people is debt. The vast majority of people in the United States have a tremendous amount of consumer debt. The average credit card debt has doubled in just the past few years. As the economy continues improving, many people are more comfortable with borrowing money.

Richard Dwayne Blair recommends that people pay down all of their consumer debt. Building wealth with a significant amount of consumer debt is stressful. Another major problem related to debt is student loans. Few people understand how hard it is to pay off student loans after graduating from college. With the rising cost of college, more people than ever are graduating with student loan problems.

Investing in the Stock Market

Richard Dwayne Blair has invested in the stock market for decades. During his career, he has lived through boom and bust cycles. He tells people to invest a certain amount of money each month, no matter what the performance of the stock market is currently. People who try to time the market rarely succeed. Instead, these people end up losing money by buying and selling at the wrong times.

Richard is proud of his work as a financial planner. He has helped numerous people reach their financial goals over the past few years.

Learning Redefined by the ClassDojo App

Learning Redefined by the ClassDojo App

Nowadays, there is almost an app for nearly every activity and teaching has not been left behind. However, when Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don developed ClassDojo, little did they know they would get more than they had bargained for? Teachers using the app have reaped benefits that were initially not part of the deal. So what’s the buzz all about ClassDojo and how has it transformed the teaching and learning experience? Let’s take a dive in and take a look at that.

In as much as teachers may spend most of their day interacting with students, they tend to feel ‘lonely’ as they have no time to interact with their peers. And the thing is, it’s pretty hard to change this. Or is it? As one teacher discovered, with the use of ClassDojo, it opened up a new world of community and connecting with people. Stephanie Smith, an instructional technology coach, involved with the Rutherford County Schools, found in Murfreesboro Tennessee, realized that using the app helped transform her lonely days as she was surrounded by friends who supported and cheered her on.

ClassDojo is a communication platform, and Stephanie and her students used it in sharing messages, photos, and videos with their families on the ongoing activities at the school, and this helped strengthen the classroom community. Also, the activities and the videos were a starting point for conversations to such skills as empathy and teamwork which are essential for growing kids. Such discussions helped create a positive culture.

The ClassDojo community is also large with tens of thousands of teachers globally, and this community lends to the teaching experience. Online colleagues come up with new and innovative resources which they share with each other and also push each other to be better teachers.

The developers of ClassDojo intentions for the app were that it would help create a positive culture with the teachers encouraging the students in skills and values. It would also help students have a voice by showcasing and sharing their learning experience through photos and videos. Finally, It would get the parents engaged in the classroom activities.

NGP VAN Helps Democratic Campaigns

In today’s world, it can often be quite difficult to run and manage a successful Democratic campaign. Fortunately, NGP VAN is here to help ensure your campaign goes off without a hitch. Since 2004, they have been doing everything in their power to help elect strong, progressive leaders who seek to change the world for the better. Founded in 1997, NGP VAN has multiple tools to help your campaign stay afloat. Using their tools, you’ll be able to collect data from your constituents and analyze it to learn how to better reach your prospective voters. And now, thanks to a new app called MiniVan, canvassing is easier than ever by eliminating the need for paper and helping you organize your notes and your canvassing route.

Launched in March of this year, this new technology saves organizers a lot of time and helps canvassers engage with their constituents to ensure they have their vote. And it’s not just this area of campaigning that NGP VAN is working to make easier for you. A few years ago, they released SpeakEasy Political, a new direct mail platform that enables campaigners to keep track of their constituents and send emails directly to them to ensure they have their vote. With this new technology, reaching out to prospective voters has never been easier, simpler and more effective. So what’s coming up on the horizon for NGP VAN? Well, they’re constantly innovating their platforms.

They also stay up to date on the latest trends and fads in order to help Democrats successfully campaign for their candidates. Just recently, they launched a new Actblue integration which enables campaigns to be able to access any and all donation data in Actblue. Anyone who gives a contribution to the Actblue website will be able to see their information on the NGP 8 suite. NGP VAN even seems poised to help Democrats take back the House, Senate and Congress this year as they’ve recently been recognized by campaigns and elections as they won the CampaignTech award for best company culture. So congratulations to them and hopefully they’ll help turn the tide for the Democrats.

Whitey Wolfe Herd Has Made Bumble Into A Huge Success Story By Using Some Unconventional Thinking:

American businesswoman Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989 and attended college at Southern Methodist University. In September of 2017, she got married to Michael Herd. She has had a long and successful entrepreneurial career that has seen her heavily involved massively successful companies such as dating website Tinder. She is currently involved as Chief Executive Officer of the company she co-founded – Bumble. Whitney Wolfe Herd has built Bumble into a huge business success story in large part due to her unconventional approach which often casts aside any concern regarding what people might hold to be the consensus of truth. Bumble was born out of the troublesome departure that Whitney Wolfe Herd dealt with regarding her tenure with Tinder. Taking a negative and making it into a positive, Whitey soon used her entrepreneurial smarts to figure out how to re-invent herself.

Part of this re-invention including partnering with Badoo founder Andrey Andreev. The two set out to make Whitney’s break off from Tinder into a positive.At first, Whitney Wolfe Herd was sceptical about the possibility of working to develop yet another dating app but Andreev was quite convincing. Whitney was convinced that the way to move forward was with the creation of a dating platform that was female-centric. With the funding that Andreev provided, Whitney was able to move forward and start getting the ball rolling with the creation of Bumble. In its now four years of existence in the dating market, Bumble has experienced the traffic of over thirty million users. Bumble’s unique company culture extends to its corporate headquarters located in Austin, Texas. The office space for the company has a feel more in line with someone’s living room than it does of what a person would usually associate with an office for a tech-based company.

Whitney was adamant that it was critical that the company’s offices have a warm feel to them. This is in many ways a microcosm of feel the company has in an overall sense. A big part of this unique office setup that Bumble employs is in order to separate from the traditional view of the workplace existing somewhere outside of normal life. Instead, Whitney Wolfe Herd had the revolutionary idea to make the workplace feel like regular life.The bottom line in regard to Whitney Wolfe Herd and her revolutionary woman-centric dating company Bumble is the fact that it has managed to inject a totally new attitude into the world of online dating in its short, four-year-long existence. A lot of this has been due to the fact that Whitney approached things from a totally different perspective.

Malcolm CasSelle: The History of Virtual Transactions

The ability to define the concept of value is something that is ever evasive for most individuals. It may seem incredibly strange, but individuals are able to exchange value between themselves without ever interacting in the physical world. This reality has been incredibly real in the virtual world for a number of years at this point. There is a man who is more keen on understand the developments that have been occurring in the world of electronic commerce than any other. This man is known as Malcolm CasSelle.

Malcolm CasSelle is a well-educated individual who has attended both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Stanford University. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was able to complete requirements in order to graduate with his bachelor’s degree in computer science. Stanford University was the University that he attended during his graduate education. He was able to complete the curriculum and graduate with a Masters degree in computer science from Stanford University.

After completing his formal education, he was able to enter the workforce and began to work in the digital technology industry. Today Malcolm CasSelle works as the chief investment officer of the number one marketplace for buying and selling things in online video games. This electronic transfer of value has been one of the most impressive economies that have ever been developed independently of a nation. There are several issues that are present in the current system that is in place in order to facilitate the transaction users of these online video games. The centralized technology that these users must use has inherent flaws with this design. Users must use a foreign exchange market in order to exchange currencies to facilitate transactions.

Malcolm CasSelle has seen these issues firsthand and has decided to create his own company which is known as worldwide asset exchange. He is now the president of worldwide asset exchange has launched a new currency that will operate as a common store of value for online video game players. It is based upon the same technology that the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin uses the blockchain. This technology should help to alleviate these issues.


New To eCigs And O2Pur? Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know

If you have ever seen a person walking around with a rectangle shaped box and letting out a cloud of smoke, they probably are the proud owners of an eCigs. These nifty little tools are known to be incredible for anyone who wants to kick the habit or make cool looking smoke rings. Whatever be the need for your purchase, it is always important to try and get the best value for the money that you are putting in. Here are four things that you need to know before you have to buy your first eCig.

1.Going In For Something That Is Well Reputed

If you look at any popular site that sells eCigs, you will see a wide range of products that are mostly going to overwhelm you. With the sheer variety on the market, it may be hard to find out which product is right for you and which brand to go in for. The best way to get something that is good is to figure out which brands are known for putting out good products, and which brands have the products within your budget. O2Pur is one site that is known for having a wide range of high-quality designs that are brilliant if you are buying your first and not sure of what to go in for.

2.Figure Out You Ideal Nicotine Level

Different People prefer different nicotine levels when it comes to their eCigs. Some people like the strong kick while some prefer something that is rather light and not too much. A regular cigarette usually contains around 12mg of Nicotine. However, the amount you take in is much less. An eCig, on the other hand, has a more concentrated amount of nicotine, which means that while the number may be smaller, the amount that you receive is greater in proportion. Brands like the one that we previously mentioned do have a range of eCigs that differ in nicotine amounts. If you are looking to kick your smoking habit or even just reduce the amount that you generally smoke, you can start out with anything from a 4mg to 8mg nicotine level.

3.Stock Up On Batteries

eCigs work on batteries, and the last thing you want if for your eCig to run out of power when you are ready to go on your smoke break. Some eCigs use standard batteries, while some have specific ones that are needed. Depending on your device, stock up on your batteries to ensure that you never run out of power and can always have your eCig up and running.

4.Invest In A Starter Kit

If this is your first time investing in eCigs, consider going in for starter kits instead of a stand-alone device. Often, the individual paraphernalia that is needed for the device doesn’t come along with the product, and you may need to hunt for the additional items that you might need. A starter kit will have everything that you need so that you can have a smooth first vape experience. O2Pur has some starter kit options for those who are looking to buy an eCig for the very first time and need everything else that comes along with it. The site also does have the individual products that you would need if you are looking to make your starter kit for your first purchase.

The Successful Career Journey of Peter Briger

Peter Briger became part of Fortress Investment Group, he had gathered prior experience. Peter worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. for fifteen years. This company is a reputable entity in finance and investment strategy. Working there has made Peter an expert in this profession. His career is characterized with high reputation, capability, and dedication. As he served in Goldman Sachs & Co, Peter was a member of several committees. Among them were Japan Executive Committee, Global Control and Compliance Committee and Asian Management Committee among others. Due to his capabilities in leadership, Peter presided over various roles at the firm. For example, he was the co-head of the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business. Others include the Asian Distressed Debt business, the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business among others.

The rich experience Peter Briger gained has made him an excellent leader in Fortress Investment Group. He is the principle and Co-chairman at the board of directors. It is a company for investment management situated in New York City. As soon as he joined Fortress, Peter became a member of the management committee. The company realized his skills and talent and appointed him the position.While working at Fortress, Peter Briger has managed to introduce Fortress Credit business, which he oversees. This division plays an essential role in asset investment and management. Peter works with more than three hundred employees in areas of undervalued assets, illiquid credit investments and distressed assets.

Outside Fortress, Peter is part of Board of Directors at Princeton University Investment Company. He has also volunteered to support Central Park Conservancy. Peter also helps and volunteers in other organization. He believes in giving back to the community and assisting in important projects within his society. Peter Briger’s career journey began with a degree in Bachelor of Arts at Princeton University. He later pursued a Master’s degree at Wharton School of Business, which is in the University of Pennsylvania. Peter’s education has played a prominent role in equipping him with the knowledge required in his work. Goldman Sachs and Fortress have both advanced partly due to Peter’s contribution. Since he is an exceptional leader, Peter mentors and helps his subordinates to become better at their work. It is one of the ways he has managed to accomplish his work goals. He would like to inspire others to master their skills by sharing what he has.

Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd Follows Her Own Course

In 2012, Whitney Wolfe Herd had just moved to Los Angeles and helped to co-found Tinder, but trouble behind the scenes soon brought that dream crashing down on her. Charges of sexual harassment and accusations of discrimination convinced Whitney that Tinder wasn’t the environment in which she wanted to work. She ended up leaving the company, but not her entrepreneurial spirit.Shortly after leaving her L.A. troubles behind, Whitney Wolfe Herd began developing Merci. Her idea was to create a female-only social media site that relied upon users complimenting one another and acting with kindness. Essentially, Ms. Wolfe Herd’s intent was to give women an opportunity to show that they can engage in good behavior with one another, away from adversarial influences.As fate would have it, Merci was the beginning of something even bigger for Whitney Wolfe Herd.

As she was developing the app, Whitney was approached by Andrey Andreev, Badoo CEO and founder, who wanted her to take the concept of Merci and develop it into a dating app. At first, Ms. Wolfe Herd resisted, disliking the idea of getting involved with another dating app business, but, after giving it some thought and discussing it with then-boyfriend Michael Herd, Whitney slowly changed her mind.In short, that’s how Bumble, the female-driven dating app, came into being. Bumble isn’t just Whitney’s baby. She owns just 20% of the company, while Badoo and Andreev hold 79% of the company’s ownership. The remaining 1% is shared by Christopher Gulczynski and Sarah Mick, who consulted on the development of the dating app and now work full-time with the company.Bumble is company run primarily by women and with a focus on the issues that concern women.

That was the dream that Whitney Wolfe Herd had for her social media site concept and it has been carried through to Bumble. As such, Bumble does things that most dating apps avoid, such as taking political stances. For instance, the Stoneman Douglas school shooting prompted Bumble to ban images of guns on the site. In speaking of that decision, Whitney says the dating app isn’t necessarily taking a stance on the issue of gun ownership, but just wants to provide a platform free of the intimidation and implications of violence that images of guns portray.That’s just one way that Whitney Wolfe Herd marches to her own beat. She will continue to do things her own way and, if the success of Bumble is any indication, people are okay with that. Whitney’s story empowers women and inspires everyone to connect on a deeper level, beyond gender roles. That’s all Whitney ever really wanted to provide in a dating app.

Former Tyson Foods Plant Is In Good Hands With OSI Group Continuing Its Operations

Hundreds of workers at a Tyson Foods plant in a south Chicago neighborhood were greeted with bad news not long ago when they were told that plant would be closing down. A number of them left to find other jobs, but those who didn’t were given some good news when they heard that OSI Group would be buying the plant. OSI has built up its holdings with more than 50 plants throughout the world, and this addition will greatly bolster domestic production in the Midwest. OSI has always sought to build up their product line, and they have a long history of keeping previous company employees on whenever they complete a buyout.

OSI Group has a history of quality meat processing going back more than 100 years. They were a butcher shop that became a meat market started by Otto Kolschowsky and were first named Otto & Sons in 1926. The company stayed local with most of the clientele they supplied for many years, but then Ray Kroc, the CEO of McDonald’s asked them to be the main supplier for its upcoming restaurants. They started an international investment initiative to build plants across the US and into foreign markets, and one of the leaders of that push was former banker Sheldon Lavin. As those processing plants were built and more clients gained, the company was rebranded from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. Lavin was promoted to CEO, the position he still holds today.

Meat products are the main foods that OSI Group distributes such as breakfast foods, deli and sandwich meats, prepared hamburgers and sub sandwiches, pizzas, chicken entrees, and other frozen meats. But the company also has several non-meat products it sells including salads, fruit mixes, baked pastries and pies and several other side dishes. The company is ranked 10th in the world of largest meat processors and owns several subsidiaries such as Baho Food, Select Ready Foods, K&K Foods and Flagship Europe.

OSI Group is known for being a great place to work because they do not risk employee safety over the high demands of their industry, and they run their company like a family. Even Lavin and his fellow executive President David McDonald say everyone calls each other by their first name while at work to keep the atmosphere personable. OSI is also a charity sponsor with ties to the boards of the Jewish United Fund, the Ronald McDonald House Charities and National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


OSI Industries Is Serious About It’s Employees

Employee satisfaction drives a company to success. Many companies deny this simple rule and without exception, they end up falling from grace. Employees drive the company. They are the hand on the steering wheel, while high-level management is simply the GPS. There are a few companies who shine in employee treatment. One of these companies is OSI Industries one of the largest players in meat processing world.

OSI Industries shows this commitment to employees in multiple different ways. One of these ways is OSIs commitment to employees is shining through is in the recent upgrades to their factories. In Toledo, Spain, OSI recently equipped their factory to produce more chicken. A lot more chicken. Double the chicken it was producing in fact. The factory now produces a shocking 24,000 tons of chicken annually. That wasn’t the only upgrade that OSI made to the factory, however, OSI Industries decided to equip the factory with a state-of-the-art employee lounge as part of the upgrade process. This lounge will serve as an area for employees to relax between shifts at the factory.

In Canulbang Industrial Estate, Calamba, Laguna OSI Industries recently opened a new GENOSI facility. This new facility has an impressive 23,000-ton capacity and produces beef, chicken and fish products. The new factory opened up 50 miles north of their old factory. Despite the distance, OSI made sure that it retained 95% of its employee base assisting them with costs associated with moving and transportation. Not only did OSI retain its employees over the course of this move, it also made sure that it’s new factory was built with its employees in mind. The new factory contains an employee lounge — much like the Toledo factory — as well as various other amenities for employees to enjoy.

OSI Industries has shown that it is serious about its employees. After all, employees drive the success of a company. OSI makes sure that its employees are comfortable, well paid, and trained adequately in safety procedures. OSI has been making strides in employee satisfaction since its humble beginnings as a small meat shop in Chicago. Today, the company enjoy a massive amount of success worldwide. They are a Top 100 Food Company as well as a major player across the board in the food industry. One of the reasons for their success may be their extreme commitment to employee welfare.

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