Betsy DeVos and Deep Thoughts

Betsy DeVos likes to push her mind to its limits whenever the chance emerges. There are many human beings in this world who are okay with leading normal lives. DeVos has never been anything like them, however. That may be due to her extraordinary background. She grew up witnessing her entrepreneur father do great things at work and at home. It may simply be part of her essence, too. Some people naturally feel joy any time they’re productive and trying to endorse greatness. DeVos may be part of that second category.


DeVos is a famous face thanks to her role in President Donald Trump’s administration. That’s not the only reason she’s such a famous figure these days, though. She’s actually been a recognized individual for years. Her charity work has gotten notice from people and media outlets all around the United States and globe. Her marriage to Dick DeVos has also been a source of attention for her. Dick has done a lot for political matters throughout the decades. He’s been an instrumental component in so many major businesses as well. Amway is a renowned company that’s a family tradition for him. He even worked as the head of Amway for quite some time.


Dick without a doubt encourages Betsy to be the best version of herself possible. She doesn’t need that kind of encouragement in any way, however. She’s always been a firecracker. Classmates who attended Calvin College in Michigan with her decades ago may remember that part of her personality as well. Betsy was already wrapped up in politics by the time her college experience came around. Nothing is different now, either. Politics and philanthropy are two subjects that consume her in the greatest possible way.


DeVos is an elegant woman who doesn’t create fusses or make excuses. She doesn’t ever make things all about herself. She’s always giving her undivided attention to the most pressing and critical matters at hand. If she’s not fully in line with President Trump or with anyone else that’s part of his team, she accepts it. She understands that people are not always going to have the same exact opinions. President Trump sometimes makes decisions that involve political matters such as gender and bathroom use in public. People who have relationships with DeVos always indicate that she believes in her own thoughts and emotions before anything else. Learn more:


DeVos is one of the most trusted and respected education proponents of the modern era. She realizes that education is paramount for all contemporary youth. It isn’t only enough for all children to simply attend school regularly, though. That’s because DeVos wants all children to be able to attend the schools that are ideal for their requirements and lifestyles. A school that’s fitting for one child may not be appropriate for another one. Educational choice counts a lot in the big DeVos world. It doesn’t only count for Betsy. It also counts for her doting husband. Betsy and Dick have many views that are similar.

Securus Technologies deploys powerful monitoring program to prevent crime

Prisons in America are dangerous places. They house the country’s most dangerous and violent criminals, so that ordinary, law-abiding citizens don’t have to worry about them in their daily lives. But without the men and women who guard these prisoners and keep America’s jails and prisons safe, those prisoners, even the ones who are locked behind the walls of maximum security institutions, would quickly become a serious threat to everyone.


That’s why it’s so important to get the best and most effective technologies into the hands of those staff members who are charged with guarding America’s prisoners. Securus Technologies, the largest provider of inmate communication services in the country, has been developing some of the most cutting-edge technologies deployed in the American prison industry over the last decade.


One of the ways in which Securus is making the prison at which it has been selected as a communications provider safer is through its comprehensive monitoring program. The company has widely deployed VoIP-based telephone technology that has the capability to monitor all communications on all devices placed within the prison. This includes the ability to convert all voice calls to text in real time and monitor them for any anomalous patterns or other indicators of criminal activity. This system has also aided in the collection and presentation of evidence in criminal trials. Thousands of cases have been made and convictions won through the use of the company’s monitoring, recording and transcription technology.


Deploying state-of-the-art biometrics and voice recognition technology, developed by the Department of Defense, Securus is able to identify all known parties participating in any conversation on the premises. These systems can instantly alert staff to begin monitoring the call if any suspicious activities or patterns are detected. Additionally, outside parties who are known to be criminals or are otherwise believed to present a security risk to the institution can be remotely and preemptively banned from all communications with prisoners.


Dr. Clay Siegall Has An Informative WordPress Blog

Dr. Clay Siegall regularly posts compelling and interesting topics on his WordPress blog. He makes a point of staying in touch with not only medical but social issues in current events. His blog is dedicated to touching on relevant subjects in the news.

In recent news, internet star Grumpy Cat has received a judgment for $710,000 against Grenade Beverage from copyright infringement. The beverage company produces Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino. Ever since her internet fame in 2013, the cat with a scowl, who is actually named Tartar Sauce, has been featured on every type of consumer product imaginable. The settlement was in regards to the beverage company issuing other products that were not part of the original contract.

A recent article posted to National Public Radio and featured on Clay Siegall’s WordPress blog discusses how researchers have developed a new game that forces players to concentrate on two separate, but relevant occurrences during gameplay. The strategy is forcing the mind to focus on two different tasks at the same time, which is supposed to increase concentration. In addition to the game, they have also realized that low voltage electric shock to the prefrontal cortex can also help to stimulate concentration. These developments are still in the testing phase, but the possibility of being able to control concentration is a ray of hope for many who have issues in this area.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is the Northwest’s largest pharmaceutical company, and specializes in cancer research and treatment. Their company provides effective cancer treatments to patients who are not helped with traditional cancer therapy. Dr. Clay Siegall attended the University of Mary where he received his B.S. in Zoology and obtained his Ph.D. from George Washington University.

Greg Secker and Nonito Donaire Presents New Homes to Iloilo’s Typhoon Victims

Greg Secker was recently joined by Nonito Donaire, the former world boxing champion, during the turnover of homes to typhoon victims in Iloilo. The over 100 hundred homes, branded Greg Secker Foundation Village are located at Lemery. After typhoon Haiyan struck the area in 2013, Secker was attracted to a housing rehabilitation program by a Filipina Rosario Sanico. Having taken part in numerous social projects around the world, Secker identified the place and started the project.

According to Donaire, taking part in the project was a personal mission to persuade other athletes to make an impact with social conscience. He said that with what they get from the ring, boxers can do much more beyond inspiring people. Donaire has previously donated P1 million in 2009 to typhoon Ondoy victims’ housing rehabilitation program. He expressed his delight for being part of a similar project once again. Having been hooked with Greg by a friend, Donaire expressed his joy of starting 2018 in such a great way. He envisions what can be done to create more homes for the needy members of the society.

While at the area, Donaire visited the Elorde Plus Gym in BF Paranaque to register for some training time. He later went to Mandaluyong’s ESPN5 office where he met with the CEO. After the project turnover, Donaire will go back to Las Vegas where he is currently training for his next match in Belfast.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born in Norfolk, England, in 1975. He attended the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a BSc in Agricultural and Food Sciences. After graduating from college, Secker joined Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. While at the company, he created foreign exchange trading systems. In 1998, Secker received the British Telecom Award for creating an online forex trading platform, Virtual Trading Desk.

He later joined Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President. In 2003, he retired from his position at the company and became a full-time forex trader. Besides the Greg Secker Foundation, the English businessman has founded several other companies including Capital Index, Learn To Trade and, FX Capital. He is also a renowned author who has written several books, including Trading Your Way to Success, and Financial Freedom Through Forex.

OSI Group food production business with CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a food production company that is located in Illinois, United States. It is the largest food production company in the word. The company has been dealing with the processing of foods that they supply through the large food chain stores in the country. The company is led by Sheldon Lavin who is the CEO. He joined the group about 4 decades ago and went ahead to have a very successful career in the company. He is the person who has revolutionized the food production systems in the worlds. OSI Group has some of the advanced food processing plants in the country. It is a food processing company that has been in the industry for many years. The company have been developed on the basis of observing food safety and green good production practices.

OSI Group has a presence in many locations all over the world. The group has over 65 locations in the word. It has operations on all continents in the world. OSI Group is run by a management that is dedicated to the work the company is meant to achieve. As the biggest food production company in the world it has some massive production plants. The biggest plant is one they acquired recently. It is known as Tyson plants

The group has been on a route of development recently. They have constructed 8 new plants in the last one year. The growth of this company is leading in the management of the company. The company has also acquired huge companies in Europe. One of the recent acquisitions is Baho Food. This is a Dutch plant that serves Netherlands and Germany. The company has been dealing with the production of the best quality foods. To control the global industry it takes commitment on the part of the management.

Sheldon Lavin who is the CEO of the group has been instrumental in the growth of the company. He has made sure that the company has accomplished its goals. He wants the company to reach every corner of the world. The expansion of the company is the work of Sheldon Lavin. He has been a diligent leader who stops at nothing until he gets what he wants. Under his management, the over a hundred years company will dominate the world’s global food industry. The former banker and investor is ready to take the company to a new height even at the age of 85.


Greg Secker, Accomplished Businessman

Greg Secker has accomplished many things throughout his life and carer. He has used his success as a way to help others become successful and as a way to give back to the youth and his community. Greg Secker is an international business man. He has earned several awards throughout the entire world. Greg is also an inspirational speaker and he has truly inspired others to be better and do better over the years.

The thought of Greg developing his own company came to him while he was working for a large corporation. Greg was working for Mellon Financial Corporation when he started thinking about venturing off and creating his own brand. He benefited a lot because at Mellon Financial Corporation he had so many useful resources around him. Greg eventually decided to step out on faith when he left the company and began to start trading floor internationally. 90 days after trading floors internationally from his home, Greg decided to open his own company where he practiced his own techniques of online trading and international trading. As of today Greg has so many different businesses, it gets hard to keep up sometimes. Greg has obtained a large amount of success by doing something that he is interested in and he still remains the same humble modest person.

Many people wonder how Greg came up with the idea of developing his own company and the answer is he simply became bored at his corporate job. While working at Mellon Financial Corporation, Greg did not feel as if he was busy enough. The work was almost too easy for him, and he knew that isn’t what he was called to do. As funny as it sounds, boredom helped Greg become an entrepreneur in the long run.

A lot of people also wonder how he comes up with his business ideas, and his answer was he simply thinks about them and test them out before actually making it a permanent decision in his businesses. So far, all of Greg’s practices has been extremely success since he has been a serial entrepreneur.

Llifeline Screening Offers a Powerful Way to Take Control of Your Health

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among Americans. Surprisingly, many people are unaware of their current cardiovascular health. Not only that, but many people neglect to take care of their health as needed. They do not exercise enough, and they fail to make the proper choices when it comes to the kind of food that they eat.

The truth is that screening from Lifeline Screening will take care of both issues. First of all, you will become aware of the state of your cardiovascular health. You will not be in the dark any longer. If there are any issues, you will find out about them and be able to take care of them before they get any bigger.

In addition, a screening will motivate you to lead a better lifestyle, whether anything comes up or not. Studies have shown that just screening yourself makes you more aware of your health and makes you more motivated to keep yourself in a healthy state.

It is pretty easy to get your screening done. Signing up is pretty simple and the test does not take long. Taking a screening test has many benefits. You will be fully aware of your cardiovascular health. You can get the basic information you need to start thinking about your health. You can then go to your doctor, who can further advise you on how to avoid potential situations in the future and how to improve your lifestyle.

Lifeline Screening has been around since 1993. Thousands of people have been able to discover what is really going on inside of them. People who knew nothing about cardiovascular health discovered things that would have shocked them.

It is super easy to register and sign up for a screening test with Lifeline Screening. The process is designed to make it as quick and easy as possible.

Remember, cardiovascular problems are one of the leading causes of death among both men and women in the United States. It would be a good idea to be more aware of your cardiovascular health and take preventative screenings so that issues do not suddenly arise in the future. Do not wait until you start feeling chest pains or get a heart attack. It is truly a powerful way to start taking control of your health and improve your life.

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A Mark In Philanthropic History Capping $32 Billion In Total Charity And To Make History With

If you’re like any of our writers, you have no idea what a billion dollars is or what it is really worth. The Wall Street leaders are not all familiar with this large sum also. There are a few leaders in the financial world who cap this amount of money and then live with enough sanity to tell about it.

Others will wind up in jail or completely broke for breaking the law.

George Soros built his wealth in the currency markets, and there’s no better place of relevancy for the mogul. The success of George Soros is grounded in the special view he has of economies and the world itself. This success enabled him to donate $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations that peaked his lifetime giving to roughly $32 billion.

His Recent Charity Amounts To $18 Billion

The most recent lump sum of George Soros is considered to be around 80 percent of his personal net-worth. That net-worth still has a few billions left, but the important facet in his work is the selflessness. The personal life of Mr. Soros is winding down, and his ambitions continue to strive for a greater vision and a better understanding of an open society.

His work in the world of philanthropy is grounded in his personal agencies and their legacy he builds and continues to carry on. The moments of George’s life are now very precious, yet he reaches out with a large effort to redefine his own limits and the ambitions he has for a greater world of democracy.

The crises we face worldwide are from the closed minds of people.

A Few More, Major Financial Moves By George Soros

The closed minds of people, governments and the wealthy bring Mr. Soros to the financial place he leverages today. The major aspect to this man’s philanthropic legacy is that he also has and had the funds to sustain it. We often dream about making impacts ourselves and way beyond the small communities we live in.

George Soros lives that actual dream for us.

His work as a financial professional justified his ambitions and then made his will to give stronger. There’s little that we can do ourselves if we’re without the adequate money. This financial professional stands as a clear witness to what’s possible in the world and what is also necessary for every potential we have.

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