Nine9 Nurturing Talents

Are you a talented model or actor? Does your interest lie in singing or modeling? Are hoping to start up a career in line with your talent? Nine9 is the perfect place for you. It will help you show off your skills the way you like it. At Nine9, you will be inducted to your career and be given a platform that allows for your growth. Catherine C is one among thousands of people who attributes their success to Nine9. She says that there is much to learn in the UnAgency. To start with, she has trained on posture other basics of being on camera. Courtesy of Nine9, she has had many auditions so as to showcase her talent in singing and casting. After being part of Nine9, Catherine C has started seeing responses to the applications she had made. Among them is photo shooting for online catalogs. She encourages other people to step up and join nine9 for the amazing experience.

Nine9 was started in the year 2003. Its mission was to offer tools and relevant resources for individuals with talents to prosper. For the 12 years that the company has been in existence, it has experienced an enormous grow to the extent of becoming a national leader in casting. Values are responsible for this growth. At Nine9, teamwork is crucial. Nine9 has an experienced and organized staff with a top client relation.

The team values customers and therefore treats them with respect and kindness. They work all through to ensure that the talents receive opportunities from its database contacts and also receive casting. There is a broad range of possibilities at Nine9 which include runway, music video, films among others. The name Nine9 is a representation of the 99 percent of people with talents, yet they lack the opportunity to showcase their talents. Nine9 was created for this kind of individuals.


How IDLife and Logan Stout are Merging Technology with Overall Health

Health & Wellness brand, IDLife, recently partnered with technology innovation giant Germin with the goal of aligning their belief that true health goes far beyond the simple number on the scale and extends to the most important aspects of health – a holistic healthy lifestyle. As you know, Garmin is a world leader in the development of wearable technology.

Starting this past January, IDLife customers can purchase from Garmin’s line of vivo trackers that monitor your activity levels. Customers will also see Garmin wearable device data integrated with their mobile apps to manage their health and wellness goals and journey as they move about their busy lives.

The goal of IDLife is to ensure people can have a healthy lifestyle. The company offers top-quality nutritional products and vitamins and also gives customers very simple steps each day to real their health goals. By partnering with Garmin, IDLife is taking that offering to the digital level in order to make reaching those goals more tech-friendly and simple than ever. The product will measure more than simply weight, but key factors such as Body Mass Index and Skeletal Mass Index that are often just as important as weight, especially as we age over time.

IDLife, LLC is the brainchild of Logan Stout. He is a well-known entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, keynote speaker and mentor to some of today’s top leaders. He has a sterling track record for developing leaders of tomorrow, instilling principles of success and has generated billions of dollars through his career. He is a believer in technology and ensuring IDLife is always on the cutting edge of new trends.

Stout is very well-known for mentoring and public speaking. He has been featured on television, numerous live events and seminars and radio programs. He is also a regularly featured guest contributor to publications and outlets such as the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Life Magazine, FOX, CBS radio and The Ticket. In addition, Stout was highly honored by Philadelphia Life Magazine as their “Man of the Year.”


Cassio Audi Brazil’s Original Rock Star Drummer

Every nation has its music icons that they revere, and Cassio Audi is certainly one of them. The lead drummer of the rock group Viper in the mid-eighties and early nineties, he has a cult following among rock enthusiasts of his generation. His drumming in rock anthems like Projeto SP Metal, The Killera Sword, and Soldiers of Sunrise is par excellence.

To this day he is remembered as a class act in the annals of Brazilian rock lore. What was wonderful about Audi was the sheer enthusiasm with which he played drums and raised the tempo of a song, It was very easy for him to have people head banging in no time at all when he played.

Because the eighties and nineties were quite the golden age for Viper and Audi, there is lots of nostalgia for the group and particularly for Audi in diehard rock fanatics. The only thing those fans can do now- a -days is to listen to old recordings or watch an old YouTube video. It is a pity that there aren’t too many of those around.

Ask anyone who has had the privilege of watching Audi play in his heyday, and the chances are that one will hear the most effusive of praise. That is the kind of cult following that Audi has to his day. It is a pity that he had to stop playing, as he is so loved by everyone. If he had not left Viper and continued with his musical journey, he would doubtless have created many more musical masterpieces.


But then maybe his short-lived musical career adds an element of an enigma to his whole persona. Come to think of it that is part of the charm of being a rock star. There is no doubt about the fact that Audi was and remains a genius.