Julie Zuckerberg, the Woman of Steel

Julie Zuckerberg is the real titan when it comes to financial matters. Through her career life, Julie has been able to secure jobs for financial experts; professionals that she feels deserve the best opportunities. Julie’s career started back in 2002 when Zuckerberg got a job at Hudson as the Hiring Manager. During her tenure at the institution, she was able to bring on board lawyers, paralegals, ancillary staff, and case managers on a temporary and permanent basis. It is in 2007 that Zuckerberg then moved to Citi Global Consumer Bank and Citi Global Functions to headline both institutions as an Executive Recruiter. In her years of service at Citi Global, Julie was able to help hire many people in managerial positions. Apart from training new talent, she nurtured individuals till they were fit enough to take up particular tasks. Through the years, Julie has helped both clients and workmates realize working conditions that maximize their efficiency. Besides, she has spearheaded negotiations on behalf of employees so that they can be able to achieve high-end job offers, contracts clauses that include equity awards, clawbacks, immigration, relocation, buyouts and many other issues that affect workers.


Zuckerberg’s Tenure at Deutsche Bank

After many years of service in different companies, Julie decided to move to Deutsche Bank in 2014, a corporation that she stills works for to date. Ever since her appointment as the head of Talent Acquisition, Julie has been able to rise through the ranks. Julie is currently the Executive Recruitment Lead at the institution and has been able to bring much reform to Deutsche Bank in the more than three years she has been part and parcel to this great corporation. In her previous dealings, Julie Zuckerberg has had involvements in contract governance as well as in the drafting of initiatives. Since 2014, her roles and responsibilities at the company have more than doubled. However, Julie remains unshaken because she has for a long time proven to be a determined professional. Some of the duties bestowed upon Julie involve recruiting regional coordinators, dealing with issues regarding private wealth, company operations, global technology, and handling of commercial clients.


Interests and Hobbies

It is not always that Julie is behind her working desk. Julie from time to time likes to go jogging, especially during cold seasons when temperatures are at an all-time low. She not only uses her jogging sessions as periods for reflection but also as an opportunity to warm her cold body. Zuckerberg is also in love with technology. Whenever she is not jogging, Julie is researching on new technological advancements. Julie believes that for companies to be competitive in this age and time, they have to consider using technology in their daily operations. Moreover, Julie Zuckerberg has always had a weak spot for helping the needy. To this end, she usually volunteers in programs that seek to protect the interests of animals, environment, and human rights. Julie also takes part in programs that try to empower society economically. Other of her hobbies includes cooking, photography, and art search.



A Better You, A Better Do, All Without Shampoo

All across the country, people are realizing the benefits of throwing out their old shampoos and instead replace it with a bottle of WEN by Chaz, the best-selling conditioning cleanser created by world famous hair stylist and personal hairdresser to Hollywood stars, Chazz Dean. And for good reason. Unknown to many consumers, most commercially available shampoos and some conditioners contain harmful chemicals that dry out hair and make it more prone to breakage. The harmful sulfates found in these shampoos leech moisture out of each individual strand of hair while washing away essential oils necessary for healthy hair growth.

WEN By Chaz Nourishes Hair While Maintaining Natural Levels of Essential Oils

WEN by Chaz works much differently than these harmful shampoos, for one it is not a shampoo at all. Instead, WEN by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner, that means that nourishes hair with all natural moisturizers and oils while taking advantage of natural properties of water to help cleanse your hair of excess oils and buildup while leaving your hair naturally soft and beautiful.

The Benefits of the No-poo Movement and WEN by Chaz are Finally Available for Everyone

Originally created for the celebrity clientele of world famous hairdresser, Chaz Dean, WEN by Chaz is no available to everyone, bringing the same Hollywood beauty treatments right into your own home.

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Todd Lubar: A Legendary Real Estate man

One trait that makes Mr. Todd Lubar stand out amongst many other people is his undying love for the Real Estate sector. His career kick started in the year 1995 after he graduated in speech communication from the Syracuse University. His determination to serve other people in the industry enabled him to push harder. At Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he served as a loan initiator and through that he became more skillful in mortgage banking.

Mr. Lubar states that the experience he got from Crestar Mortgage firm is valuable in his life. Interesting to note, he had the burning desire to grasp everything in the industry, and so, Todd created strong bonds with other stakeholders in the sector. This includes real estate representatives, insurance officers, and commercial developers.

According to Ideamensch, Mr. Lubar was offered an equity role by Legacy Financial Group in the year 1999, which played a major role in increasing his knowledge of the market. He was then in a better position to lend loans and also brokers them. Todd later started Legendary Properties, and through the firm, he was able to concentrate on buying, renovating, selling and acquiring profit on homes.

With the initiative of Mr. Lubar setting up his company, he was able to create bonds with experienced people in the real estate sector. Doing so gave him an upper hand as he was able to provide quality products to his clients. In addition to that, Todd opened Charter Funding, a Financial Establishment subsidiary. More details can be found on his LinkedIn account.

Having gained experience in the industry for 12 years, Todd realized that there was a group of customers whose needs were not being met. This triggered him to start Legendary Financial where he can lend out to both firms and individuals. With his rich experience in real estate, Mr. Lubar can evaluate the various risks involved in lending transactions. From the year 2007 to 2008, Mr. Lubar was involved in other various sectors such as scrap metal recycling.

Todd is enabling people to achieve their dreams by helping them embrace home ownership. He is the CEO of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. He also holds the position of Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. Todd is well known for aiding in the success of Maryland Legacy Financial Company. See more: http://patch.com/maryland/potomac/todd-lubar-successful-baltimore-businessman

Click here: http://www.toddlubar.com/