A Company Focused on Changing the Way We Look at Lip Balm

Everyone knows that the clothing industry has a trend that tends to follow a pretty simple process. It is surprising then when the beginning of a trend happens to lip balm. For the creators of Evolution of Smooth, EOS lip balm, that is exactly what happened to them. Seven years ago, their unorthodox shaped tubes came out of the purses of many famous actors and actresses.

Now, the company is speaking with Fast Company to talk about the two hundred and fifty million dollar company that prides themselves on being number two in the nation. How did they move up so fast? The small startup focused on two things: their specialty- the organic industry and creating and distributing their products.

When Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky got together, they were looking to expand the beauty isle at the drug store. Combining forces they realized the lip balm market was unchanged in their hundred year existence. When they did test panels, they realized that women use lip balm more than men and most of them used it as a part of their daily routine. The women did not like the tubes or how they had to use their fingers in the pots of lip balm.

So the creators of EOS lip balm focused on the five senses and, with the help of a clay artist, came up with the round, egg-like design. Using their design that fixed a problem women had, they focused their attention to a campaign that cannot be resisted, one that speaks to the millennial woman: an emotional connection to the lip balm. The tagline says it all, EOS is “The lip balm that makes you smile”.

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ClassDojo Has Greatly Improved The Available Communication Between Parents And Teachers

There are a great many parents out there that are unable to stay very involved with their children’s activities in school, usually this is because they have work and errands to do throughout the days. Since communication has never been strong in schooling, this is problematic for students, especially the ones that need encouragement and more engagement to build their confidence. Thanks to the release of ClassDojo several years ago, this has been turning around quite a bit in schools all across the United States. Their educational platform is based around improving communication between all parties in the schooling environment, this way students will feel more encouraged and confident in performing well.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the founders for ClassDojo, got their inspiration for the company after traveling around to different schools and seeing the conditions they were in. Now, with the use of ClassDojo, teachers are able to constantly engage their students and post up fun things on the class board for students. Any special classroom moments that happen throughout the school year, can be kept on the story board.

Parents can especially take good use of the ClassDojo platform, as it finally allows them to check in on their children while they are in school. They are able to keep track of their progress and how they are doing on their classwork as well as how they are behaving day in and day out. There is not much need for the old parents teacher conferences or phone calls for parents to stay updated, because teachers can use the platform to stay in direct and immediate contact at all times. Parents can regularly check up on holidays and events, and never miss out on important school information.

ClassDojo only launched roughly 5 years ago, and they have already grown a great deal in size. Their platform has managed to make its way into more than two thirds of the schools throughout the entire country and it has even been spreading to other countries as well. Without charging anything for the program, ClassDojo is still updating their application and adding new features. Some of their features cost money, though they are completely optional and are just a form of raising money for the continued expansion of the platform into the future.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

There is a saying that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” That may be true, but the humble sapphire is gaining ground on that idea. Just like a diamond, a sapphire gemstone is readily available in every shape and cut. Furthermore, the price for a sapphire is much more reasonable. Your engagement ring is supposed to be a once in a lifetime purchase. Why not give it the personal attention to detail that it deserves.

Maybe blue isn’t your favorite color. Don’t concern yourself, because sapphires come in several other colors. Blue is the most popular and well known of all the sapphires, but pink and yellow sapphires can be found. The popularity of the pink sapphire for engagement rings is growing rapidly. Some sapphire enthusiasts select purple, orange, or green stones. Some prefer the black ones. Yes, I said sapphires come in black tones.

Just like a diamond, there are four “Cs” to categorizing a sapphire gemstone. They are color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The color of course is what shade the sapphire is. The clarity comes in when you look at the stone with the naked eye and see no inclusions. The inclusions should only show up under expert magnification. The less visible the inclusions are, the higher the grade of the stone. The cut refers to how it was faceted and polished. This is what makes a sapphire really sparkle. Carat weight refers to the size of the stone. The larger the stone, the higher the carat weight.

So, your curious mind wants to know where sapphires come from. Burma, Sri Lanka and Madagascar produce stones in varying shades of blue. Australian mines produce stones that are a darker hue, the post popular shade. Mines in Thailand, Cambodia, Kenya, and Tanzania produce sapphires in a rainbow of colors. Some sapphire suppliers heat the stones before sale or trade. Treatments of 4000 C to 17000 C are known to improve the color and clarity.

The Moh’s scale of mineral hardness ranks the ability of one natural mineral to visibly scratch the surface of another mineral. Diamonds are ranked at on the Moh’s scale at 10, nearly the hardest mineral to be found. Sapphires enter the list at 9. The sapphire has superior physical properties that render it nearly indestructible. A sapphire engagement ring will stand up to a lifetime of everyday abuse.

More affordable than a diamond, quality sapphire jewelry is within the budget of just about anybody. So, buy that special sapphire ring for that special someone. Follow the trend of the Royal Family. No, start your own trend.

Kenneth Goodgame- market leader and product manager

Kenneth Goodgame works his marketing plan like magic. He official took leadership at True Value and took the company to the next level. True Value posted their quarterly earnings, and the results were amazing. Kenneth Goodgame has distinguished himself as a man with a great plan. His skills have certainly paid him off. Mr. Goodgame has been the Senior Vice President and the Chief Marketing Officer of True Value Company since 2013.

Mr. Goodgame received undergraduate education at the University of Tennesse where he studied Marketing and Finance. He has grown to become famous for building teams that are highly performing. He is an expert in the profit and loss management field. His leadership skills at True Value has seen him portray his expertise and experience. His working principle focuses on customer satisfaction and adequate product knowledge. He has created innovative programs that have had an impact in the global market. His product launching techniques have been creative enough to help True Value become an internationally recognized company.

Kenneth Goodgame is simply a guru at True Value Hardware Company. He has created the brand through simple strategy and proper work ethics. His recent decision to shift his workplace saw him move to Arizona. Mr. Goodgame is famous for constructing realistic approaches for products. He has created a fine-tuned commodity implementation methods that have worked for his company. He has made a significant impact in the marketplace even with a drastic change in of scenery.


Kenneth Goodgame has a substantial career experience. He has worked in top managerial positions in several firms. Through his leaderships, he has assisted several companies to achieve remarkable success. Enterprises that have worked with him have expanded their markets and recorded an increased growth of revenue. At True Hardware Corporation in Chicago, Mr. Goodgame has served as the CMO and SVP of the company. He worked with the company from the year 2013 to 2015. He helped the company grow its customer base and its retail price. The company has recorded a price perception that has improved its profitability. Mr. Goodgame was responsible for the running and expansion of True Value in 2015. The company carried out a nation TV branding campaign.

James Dondero Leads Highland Capital Management In Raising Funds To Build The New Central Dallas Counselling Center

James Dondero is the co-founder and present president of Highland Capital Management, LP. In 2016, he announced that Highland Capital donated 1 million dollars to The Family Place. The amount was geared towards helping Family Place for its Legacy Campaign to be held in the next six months following the announcement. James made the announcement during the Family Place’s 21st annual luncheon of the Texas Trailblazer awards hosted at the Hilton Anatole in Texas. The Family Place is a leading Dallas organization that helps victims of domestic abuse across the United States.

Until April 4th 0f 2017, any further amounts raised will earn Family Place an additional 50 percent of the sum from Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management conducts its philanthropic acts through its branch, Highland Dallas Foundation Incorporation. The Family Place recorded an achievement of raising 200,000 dollars by October 4th, 2016, and an additional of 100,000 dollars from Highland Management. James Dondero ensures that The Family Place reaches its target of raising 16.5 million dollars by contributing extremely towards raising the remaining 2.8 million dollars.

The Legacy Campaign by Family Place supports the creation and operation of a new center, the Central Dallas Counselling, to cater to victims of domestic violence. The new center, named after Ann Moody, is under the supervision of the architectural and designing firm, Corgan. The facility will have 13 emergency bedrooms, a dental and medical clinic, a centralized emergency call number, several private and group counseling spaces that cater to children and adults differently, and a center that provides job-training services, a pet shelter, and an active child- development service. The facility will provide education to teens in bullying and teen dating abuse for over 6000 students annually. Central Dallas Counselling will house over 2000 individuals to provide more accommodation for victims who lack space at The Family Space.

James Dondero stated that his firm is honored to serve the Dallas community alongside several other philanthropic organizations. He expressed his congratulations to The Family Place for executing the plan in less than a year. James Dondero also added that Highland’s efforts are an answer to the call of action by the Dallas police chief David Brown and mayor, Mike Rowlings.

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John Goullet, an Renowned Expert in IT Staffing

John Goullet is an experienced entrepreneur with interest in IT staffing. He is a specialist in IT staffing, networking, mobile apps development, and solutions architecture. Throughout his career, Mr. Goullet has created a series of successful ventures in the IT sector. Before becoming an IT staffing expert, Mr. Goullet worked as a Computer Consultant at Computer Science Corp. Later on, he established Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm to develop services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. John Goullet attributes his success to the ability to navigate market trends. As such, he acts quickly before the market makes a downturn.

At Info Technologies, Goullet embarked on understanding the corporate IT staffing environment as well as specific IT staffing needs of his clients. He would match his personal drive, commitment, and work style to meet diverse, complex IT staffing needs. As a visionary leader, Mr. Goullet commits to developing sustainable and advanced mechanisms to address complex IT staffing challenges.

John Goullet named DIVERSANT’s Principal

Just recently, DIVERSANT LLC has named John Goullet as the Principal. The announcement came as great news since Mr. Goullet was the architect behind the merger of Info Technologies and DIVERSANT LLC. With a clear understanding of market trends, Mr. Goullet continues to guide DIVERSANT through its commitment to excellence in the IT staffing marketplace.

DIVERSANT is the US’ leading Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) specializing in IT staffing services and solutions. It is the largest IT staffing firm owned by an African-American in the United States. DIVERSANT provides a broad spectrum of IT staffing and diversity services and solutions to mid-market companies and Fortune 500 companies. Within IT staffing, DIVERSANT specializes in direct hire, staff augmentation, and development of innovative diversity solutions.

DIVERSANT LLC stands out the pact amid stiff competition by developing IT staffing products and services based on original and high-performance standards in the IT staffing industry. These standards ensure clients and associates satisfaction as well as meeting the needs of the surrounding communities. Notably, DIVERANT approaches its customers as business partners through a consultative approach during the decision-making process.

Cotemar – A Modern, Forward Thinking Company

Cotemar, S.A. de C.V. provides many varied services all connected to the specific needs of offshore oil fields. They provide maintenance and repair on platforms and the process center as well as semi-submersible platforms. Cotemar’s specialized vessels transport the structures required for new oil development, hauling abrasive materials in bulk such as mud, sand, or barite among others. Cotemar process and transport oil and other liquids taken from the platforms as well as providing fire fighting and spill containment services.

Employees of Cotemar live well out on the water due to the catered food, laundry, and living quarters available to them. Also recreational areas are provided that include movies, gymnasiums, ball courts and television rooms. Worker safety is the number one priority, but Cotemar sees to it their comfort is also well provided for.

Cotemar now utilizes a Wi-Fi-based, radio-frequency identification technology on four of their off-shore housing vessels providing support for PEMEX operations in the Gulf of Mexico. This I.D. system is geared for worker safety but proves its value in billing and employee efficiency gains as well. Everyone, employee or guest that boards the floatel and platform are given a card which is their key for moving around or obtaining services anywhere while on board.

The system provides real-time visibility that wasn’t available before. Now, when a worker is missing, tracking their movements using this technology helps find them without wasting valuable time looking in the wrong area. Some places can be dangerous for untrained personnel, and as another way to keep them safe, the tracking system is able to let employees or guests know Cotemar are in an off-limits section or room by their card/tag setting off an alarm.

Cotemar’s vessels are like small towns, and this way of looking after employees and keeping guests safe has become an invaluable management tool. Billing for services by the worker simply swiping their card makes accounting more efficient, and it also helps to lower operating expenses by preventing so much non-productive time. Workers don’t mind this, because above all, it is there to keep them safe.

Changes In Handy’s Structure Lead To Growth

Just recently, Jeff Bercovici wrote one of the most hard hitting, inspirational stories about a business that can be found online. The Inc.com article profiles the start up company that has recently been dominating their market due to innovative ideas and new strategies from their founders. The company is called Handy, and it is a company that matches clients with home service professionals to fulfill all of their service requests. Handy.com screens their service professionals, so clients will often see the top professionals in the cleaning and repair industries using Handy’s powerful platform. The platform is great for anyone who needs services done and has access to a smart phone.

The article goes into details about how the founders of Handy, Hanrahan and Oisin, first met. It also tells some of the lesser known trials and tribulations that occured behind the scenes when the company was first making its first leaps and bounds in the home service industry. Handy uniquely provides apartment cleaning NYC services to consumers in an efficient, affordable, convenient way that other companies cannot grasp. Handy had its competitors, but the bigger ones dropped out of the market, leaving Handy in a prime position to pick up customers. They brought on a team from outside of their home state, and they started using automated chat systems.

The article describes what changes the founders had to make in order to adapt to their online marketplace. The founders took on any criticism that came their way. They devoted a large part of their budget into creating departments in order to address any customer concerns that came up. They would later find a more affordable way to address concerns without losing the value that these customer care teams create.

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Billy McFarland And The Classy World of Magnises

Billy McFarland is a American technology entrepreneur who is best known for creating the communal business discount app, Magnises and is also the CEO of the marketing company, Spling. McFarland is also notable for his age, as he has achieved extraordinary financial and social success at the age of only 24.

According to Fortune, Billy McFarland’s graduated from Bucknell University, a liberal arts college, well known in Pennsylvania with a heavy focus in computer engineering. McFarland then moved on to the techprep institution of Pingry School in New Jersey, where Mr. Billy McFarland graduated with a degree.

However, Billy McFarland’s success had nearly nothing to do with his time in college, as he dropped out well before he could graduate from Bucknell, deciding, instead, to found his own company and see where such a efforts lead him.

A risky strategy to be sure, but, as they say, there is no substitute for experience. McFarland’s company, Spling, a marketing and content presentation optimization tech and consumer orientation company, was wildly successful.

So much so that the company was able to garner such illustrious clients as Discovery Communications as well as the multi national media conglomerate responsible for NBC News, NBC Universal, one of America’s so called, “Big Three” in media and news.

However, Mr. McFarland reached his greatest height of success with the creation of Magnises, a social networking and business discount app. The business is exclusively geared to millennials who are looking to broaden their business horizons by offering members only perks like, marked discounts on restaurants, bars and upscale clubs.

In addition, Magnises members can also reserve exclusive, VIP access to a wide array of social events like concerts, holiday specials, galas and vacation getaways as well as the opportunity to rub shoulders with the likes of A-listers like Ja Rule and Rick Ross.