About The Lovaganza And The Highly Anticipated Global Celebrations

In 2020, a great event will happen through the Lovaganza entertainment franchise. The event includes celebrations that will unify the whole world and create a sense of agreement about sharing love and appreciating the different communities we have across the world. The celebrations are expected to capture the attention of all people across the world and will come as a great way to remind communities they are unique and they can share their culture with other communities to create a beautiful world.

Before the celebrations kick off, other events will happen that will ensure the world gets to learn about the celebrations. Many activities of Lovaganza have been in progress to prepare for the 2020 celebrations and gathering facts to ensure once the time comes, the audience can enjoy seamless streaming of entertainment that will also come with an invaluable message of unity.

What people should understand is the fact the management of Lovaganza chose 2015 initially but due to several constraints, they decided to move the event to 2020. If it were to be held in 2015, the time allocated for preparation would not be sufficient and the technology proposed was no superior compared to what is available for 2020. Therefore, they decided to push the dates to 2020 to allow for the assembling of facts and materials that should be applied during the event. With adequate time, Lovaganza can do the awareness creation and offer proper marketing.

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Marketing and trilogies
To make it easy to share the details about the celebrations, Lovaganza has organized an event named The Traveling show that will tour different parts of the world starting 2017. Through the Traveling Show, the world will get to understand what to expect in 2020 and there will be lots of entertainment. Most of the trilogies that will be used during the 2020 celebrations are about to come to completion as the company expects to unite the world. This is an event that is highly coveted and its progression should attract millions of viewers, who will join in the joy shared.

Championing a good cause
Additionally, Lovaganza, apart from hosting the global celebrations, has prepared the Lovaganza Foundation meant to be launched in 2018. The Foundation is one of the few programs that will be focused on fighting for the rights of humans and ensuring there is equality for all. Once the program begins, it will work to ensure all children by 2030 have access to basic needs like healthcare and food.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://academycreative.com/work/lovaganza/

Gooes Is Everyone’s Best Lighting Option

Gooee is everyone’s best lighting option because it goes far beyond what a normal lighting system would do for people. They use only the best LED lights, and they make sure that they are using the best connection technology to make all the lights work better. They know that they have to do something to make every customer more comfortable with their lighting solutions, and that is why they have created something that can be controlled from a number of locations.


All the houses that are using Gooee lighting are going to feel warmer because the light is not so sharp. Sharp lighting does not help people see anything, and it makes them feel terrible because it hurts their eyes. That is why the Gooee Smart Lights have to be used, and their fixtures have to be set up to interconnect all the lights. The people who are in the building can get the lights to do anything they want them to do, and then they need to be sure that they have gotten something that works the best for them. They can use a control panel to set this up, or they can let it run through an app.


The bulbs that are used in the system will last a lot longer, and they will create a light that can last for a long time without sapping the house of energy or forcing the family to spend more money on their energy expenses. This is why it makes sense to work with Gooee on the lighting issue people have.

ClassDojo Unveils New System to Encourage Positive Behavior

One of the biggest challenges that parents face is finding time and ways to stay connected to their children’s education. Due to demanding work schedules, which now require parents to work more than ever before, many parents do not have the time to stay on top of their kids education by connecting with teachers. Thanks to a new application called Class Dojo, staying connected to your kid’s education is easier than ever before.


Class Dojo is a mobile phone and tablet application that allows parent, teachers, and students to stay connected throughout the school year. The application allows a teacher to post all necessary and pertinent information including test scores, class schedules, grades, and homework assignments. Teachers can also use the software to contact parents and give more detailed and personalized updates for each student in the class. The software has become so popular with educators and parents that it has gained the attention of venture capitalists, which have recently given a round of funding that valued it at over $20 million.


While the software was initially used as a way for parents and teachers to connect to each other on a more regular basis, it has quickly become a great way for teachers to provide rewards to students in the classroom. At participating schools a teacher is able to review a student on a daily or weekly basis and assess the student on a variety of metrics including behavior, effort, attention, success, and other factors. When applicable, a teacher is then able to give the student a grade or Dojo Point. Dojo Points can then be accumulated over time and then used by a student to redeem for special prizes.


While this system has been used primarily in elementary schools, there is likely application available that can be advanced to high schools and middle schools as well. Parents and teachers are looking for ways to encourage good behavior, continued effort, and academic success. Using a system such as ClassDojo will allow a student to not only receive the accolades, but track their progress in a more user-friendly manner than ever before.

How Businesses Can Manage Their Reputation Online

The internet has changed drastically over the past few years. Today, anyone can buy a domain and publish any information available online. The internet is so dynamic such that it has become potential threats to brand recognition and reputation. Since 72 percent of consumers use the internet to interact with their service providers, it is important to have reputation management plan.

You need to find out what others are saying about your brand. Search the name of your brand in Google and see how it appears in social websites, community forums and blogs. You can use the custom feeds if your brand is on Twitter to identify people who are talking about you. Set up a custom feed and ensure you follow up the conversation so that you don’t miss on anything important.

You must also keep track of online reviews. Nowadays people have tendencies to express their dissatisfaction with a particular brand in online communities or review platforms. Also, business reviews enhance search engine rankings. Hence, you need to put a lot of emphasis on reviews because they can be beneficial and detrimental at the same time to the reputation of your business. Make an effort of provoking positive reviews only. The best way you can get positive reviews without much investment in Reputation.com programs is by providing high-quality services to consumers. Ensure you add your business link to the end of call to action and email signature.

Don’t ignore the importance of responding to customer dissatisfaction. When you respond earlier enough to such criticisms, you minimize the probability of the situation growing to a bigger problem. Don’t lose your head as a business owner because of negative reviews online. Instead, use the opportunity to explain and possibly clear your name. Invite the customer who expresses dissatisfaction to your premises and initiate a conversation with him or her. Frame the conversation to focus on how you can help the customer and also improve your services to avoid such incidences in the future.

Also, allow the employees to talk freely about the products of the company online. Build a transparent communication platform for them that enables them to receive complaints and respond to them.


White Shark Media proves to be among the Best AdWord Marketing Companies

White Shark Media Company provides online marketing services that enhance the marketing strategy of its clients through efficient AdWord campaigns and search engine optimization management. In the digital world, online marketing is among the leading promotion methods aimed at widening the customer reach hence stimulating a growth in revenue.


White Shark Media has dominated its market by proving that it will place the needs of its customers first and make their desires its priority. For this reason, most small and medium businesses have signed contracts with White Shark to grow their market consistently. Their online marketing strategies are efficient in increasing traffic of client’s websites. An improved traffic translates to more customers.


The secret behind white Shark’s success is its ability to remain ahead of its rivals in providing unique and personalized solutions. As a result, the company has enjoyed a considerable dominance in the market. Most of the firms that have transacted with White Shark were able to make significant market-related achievements. Among the firms that have contracted White Shark include;


  • An e-commerce store that operates in California, Florida, and Texas. White Shark Media’s Ad word campaigns enabled them to achieve a significant traffic increase to the company’s website.


  • A consultancy firm based in Canada confirmed a 120% growth of business after contracting with White Shark Media.


  • White Shark has helped Pet Services to improve their sales. Their sales and returns were higher after signing the contract with White Shark compared to the previous years when they had not joined White Shark Media.



  • An e-commerce store headquartered in Winston confirmed that the services offered by White Shark Media had enabled them to grow their business


Many of the clients who contracted White Shark Media services achieved favorable outcomes in market expansion and growth of sales and profits within a short time. Due to its outstanding services, White shark has been ranked in position 527 among 5000 fastest growing firms in 2016. It was also honored as the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner in a program that includes business enterprises that satisfy their eligibility requirements.


Clients are assured of the best AdWords campaign once they sign up with White Shark Media. They will get an opportunity to discuss their issues with a friendly staff who will design a unique marketing plan that matches their needs.