Mike Paul The Reputation Doctor To Serve In Advisory Capacity

Status Labs has reported that Reputation Doctor LLC President Mike Paul has accepted a position as a board advisor. Status Labs, based in Austin, Texas is a leading online character and reputation organization. Paul’s addition to Status Labs will bring strategic intuition and vision as the firm expands into the crisis administration and public reputation management sectors.

Darius Fisher, Status Labs’ President commented that Paul’s arrival, “Our advisors have already overcome many of the business challenges we face,” Fisher explained. “As a young entrepreneur leading a fast-growing company, I can learn a lot from those who have been in my shoes. Michael Paul has built one of the most successful crisis communications and reputation management practices in the world, and I look forward to having him join our board.”

Mike Paul is a recognized expert in government interaction and engagement, reputation administration, and organizational media and communications. He is known as “The Reputation Doctor.” Michael Paul is a recognized expert in government interaction and engagement, reputation administration, and organizational media and communications.As “The Reputation Doctor,” his resume of the last 25 years includes advising FEMA, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Kraft Foods, Pfizer and the United States Department of Justice. Michael Paul is often a guest commentator on TV news channels in the United States and abroad.

With offices in São Paulo and Austin, Texas, Status Labs is the premier online reputation management organization. It assists Chief Executive Officer’s, nationally recognized organizations, athletes, professional sports teams and the not so notable individuals and firms protect and maintain their online presence.

They are experts in social media and content marketing, search engine enhancement and public relations. Their success and reputation have been acknowledged in publications such The Daily Beast, New York Times, and US News and World Report.

Sergio Cortes: Zika Virus Linked Microcephaly Cases Spike in Brazil

In the early 1940’s the primary cases of zika virus infection first were recorded. The viral infection first started to appear in some African nations primarily in the nations of Uganda, Tanzania and the country of Sierra Leone. It would only take a few years time, reports Dr. Sergio Cortes, for the zika virus infection to make its way to the Asian continent, and nations like Thailand and India.
In 2015 many cases of zika virus infection started to show up in Latin American nations. The three countries at the forefront of zika virus cases were Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. A growing number of zika virus infections alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) which released warnings to the general public about the symptoms of zika virus infection and the possible detrimental health impacts particularly for pregnant women. My women were advised to delay pregnancy for more than a year because of the dangers posed by zika virus infection.

In April of 2015, the first cases of zika virus were reported in the nation of Brazil. From the month of April 2015 and forward, the frequency of zika virus reports started to increase exponentially in hundreds of Brazilian cities. This became of increasing concern to health care professionals who didn’t have much experience with zika cases and there are currently no known drugs to prevent infection. Dr. Sergio Cortes, says that symptoms of infection are generally mild and can be treated or pass on there own within a weeks time. However, doctors are the most concerned by the link between zika and microcephaly, and maybe with Guillain-Barré disorder. These disorders are typified by the defective formation of the skull and brain damage in the developing human fetus. Dr. Sergio Cortes describes Guillain-Barre syndrome as a neurological disease that is possibly identified with zika infection. A casual relationship between zika virus infection with microcephaly was announced by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Sergio Cortes is a trained medical doctor with a degree in medicine from the University Souza Marques. Dr. Cortes studied medicine both in Brazil, the United States of America and other several other international locations. Dr. Cortes has a wide range of extensive experience in the area of public health administration and has held distinguished roles such as Secretary General of Health. For more information you can visit his official website. You can also follow him on social media at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Source: http://sergiocortesoficial.com/2015/12/18/descubra-mais-sobre-o-zika-virus-com-o-dr-sergio-cortes/

Take Advantage of Wikipedia with Get Your Wiki

Having a Wikipedia page can prove especially helpful for you and your company. The page instantly gives an air of credibility to your company, as people are going to see this online and instantly assume you have a bit more importance than maybe what they originally thought. Of course, anyone is able to make a Wikipedia page, which is nice, but it means the company does need to maintain a very strict adherence to formatting. When you have gone to a Wikipedia page, you probably have found that every single page reads the same and looks the same. In fact, if someone told you every single page was written by the same person behind the scenes, you’d probably believe it just because of the style consistency. However, that of course is not true. Nobody is going to have the time to create hundreds of millions of pages on their own time. It simply means you need to follow through with the very specific Wikipedia requirements, and if you don’t, your page is going to be rejected. 

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Soros Warns of 2008 Repeat

2008 marked a turning point for the global economy, introducing a financial crisis that markets have yet to fully recover from. While the damage can be attributed to many factors, financial expert George Soros sees on Bloomberg how several contributors could lead us back from the crisis we’ve been crawling away from.
While speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, billionaire investor George Soros told those in attendance about the dangers of Chinese currency devaluation that might be strengthening their national economy at the expense of growth in global markets. The rush to return to positive standing with the yuan is influencing an environment not unlike that of 2008.

For the first month of 2016, stock and commodity markets have struggled to retain stability. And though the Chinese economy has seen some boost from a devalued yuan, a move away from manufacturing is beginning to show a mark. Until recently, China’s economy has thrived thanks to the goods it was able to produce at low costs to Western markets who made purchases at inflated prices. China’s unwillingness to respect the volatility of the markets, Soros said, could lead to another global recession.

As a respectable figure in the financial world, Soros’ words carry weight. His analysis of Russian and European markets were seen as such a threat by Putin that he received a national ban, but his observation of their respective leaderships were cited as accurate. And even as far back as 2011 his analysis of Greece’s debt crisis was seen was proved to be spot on.

Though he is now better known for his work as a philanthropist and facilitator of human rights causes, Soros’ bona fides come from an extensive career in banking that spans decades. This includes his personal hedge fund, valued at $27 billion, that was made possible by an education in the market that began in the 1950’s. So a prediction from Soros doesn’t come without reverberations elsewhere.

Assessments of the market suggest that now is a volatile time for investors. The Chicago Board of Options Exchange Volatility Index has moved up 13%. Many investors rely on this index to know the level of fear as it relates to the markets. The Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index, serving much of the same functions for Japanese investors, has also risen by 43%.

Despite the markets and analysts seeming to align with Soros’ view of conditions at the moment, China’s Communist Party has unveiled plans to take place over the next four years. Among many economic plans, their currency will increase its convertibility and they will release capital controls. Stepping in line with the government, the People’s Bank of China has cut interest rates to all-time lows and plan to flush billions into the national economy.

Coriant Continues to be a Highly Technologically Advanced Company

The company Coriant was formed in 2013. It combines the technology of Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. The company’s focus is selling hardware and software for optical transmission in the voice, data, and mobile networks. They service content providers, cloud and data center operators, and utility companies, as well as other various companies. They effectively manage traffic volumes and reduce network costs through cost-efficient network scalability.

They meet expectations for uninterrupted service and are a very trusted networking partner. With the combined technologies of Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks, they ensure the highest quality services and most innovative technology possible. These companies have over 35 years of expertise in the field of IP/data and packet optical networking. They help clients to maximize the value of their transport networks. They currently service 500 clients in over 100 countries and 6 continents. They also currently have over 1,800 patents. They offer best in class solutions in mobile and fixed networks, cloud and data center providers, and government agencies.

Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the CEO of Coriant. He is also Chairman of the Board. He is a widely recognized leader in technology and business. He currently has over 28 years of executive experience. He also has a doctorate degree in engineering from Cornell University. In addition to this, he holds many various patents in telecom, media, and payments.

He has worked in several industries such as, telecom, technology, and financial service. His career began at GTE Corporation. From there, he then became Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. He then became Chief Operations and Technology Office at Barclays. Followed by this, he became the CEO of Juniper Networks. In addition to all of these achievements, he was also Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He has achieved a great amount of success over the last few decades. All of his experience makes him very qualified to lead Coriant in the right direction. With his leadership, Coriant continues to progress in the technology field and has become a very innovative company that is sure to grow tremendously in the future.

Online App SKOUT Reveals Results from Friendship Day Survey

Recently, the popular social media app SKOUT released data that had been collected through a survey done regarding online friendship. The data collected came from a survey done by more than 23,000 people from around the world and asked about current trends when it came to online friendships.

Some of the data released from the findings of the survey done by SKOUT include:

The majority of people have at least five online friends.
41% of Americans surveyed have at least 10 online friends, while 62% have at least five friends online.

3 out of 4 people surveyed have an online friend they have yet to meet in real life.
76% of those asked in the United States said that they have an online friend that they have never met in real life. Over 80% of the people polled said that they would like to meet their online friends in person sometime.

Cell phones have made it easier to start online friendships and keep in touch.
Over 90% of Americans have said that they use their cell phones to communicate with their online friends instead of using a computer, and nearly 60% of people have said that they communicate with their online friends daily.

Online friendships happen globally.

Over 60% of Americans polled have said that they have online friends that live outside of the country that they live in.

The data on this survey could not have been released at a more appropriate time. February third marked the second annual International Online Friendship Day, which celebrates friends connected all around the world. The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of SKOUT, Christian Wiklund, has said that his app has helped to facilitate over 680 million connections from around the world. Meeting people online is the new norm these days.

SKOUT is available for Windows, Android or iPhone. You can also sign up online, or through Facebook and Twitter.

QNET Helps Chennai Flood Victims At IIFA Utsavam

I have used a lot of QNET products and I am a bit of a fan of their stance on corporate governance and care for the society and the environment. The products are great but when I support QNET, I feel like I’m also supporting the number of causes this company has attached itself to. This is why it was a matter of pride when I found out that for showing its support to the rehabilitation of victims of the recent Chennai flood, QNET recently contributed a generous Rs. 75 lacs to the Tamil Nadu CM’s Relief Fund. The ecommerce company made this donation under its CSR initiative in which it undertakes a number of causes that are beneficial to India in general.

As a person living in the country, I have friends and relatives who were affected by Chennai floods and to see one company come out and show such support is heartening, to say the least. The theme of the IIFA Utsavam was “Be1forChennai” and there couldn’t be a theme more apt for QNET to make this donation for flood victims. The event included Telangana’s Minister for Taxes and Cinematography Mr. T Srinivas and the donation was forwarded in his presence.

For people like me who live in India, IIFA is a big deal and the IIFA Utsavam is an award ceremony where talents from the South Indian films are honored for their great work in the industry. By making Chennai flood relief their theme this year, the IIFA Utsavam also ensured that many other people would come forward with generous donations and help the victims of the recent flood that devastated many families, hampered business, led to massive infrastructure losses, and ruined property. The “RYTHM” philosophy of QNET, also called “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind” chimed perfectly with this event. I first came across QNET through a friend and the company is a leading one in Asia. A lot of lifestyle products are offered by them and they have an ecommerce platform through which people can use these products. The distribution of their products is spread across 100 nations. Globally, they have 25 agencies and offices, and over 50 stocklists. This is excluding the local franchisees they have in various countries. In UAE, they have three different locations where they operate from, with their offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Mussafah (logistics hub). The CSR initiative of the company has worked with various NGOs to bring joy to the society’s underprivileged people.

Dr.Sergio Cortes Tours The Flooded Region with His Evalation Teams

The World Health Organization is actively observing what may soon become a pandemic. Some governments have issued warnings asking their citizens and especially women to cancel all travel plans to some countries including Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia. The women of Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia are also changing their family plannning. That’s because the governments of Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia have asked the women in their country to please refrain from becoming pregnant within the next 2 to 3 years. The reason is because of the Zika virus and its affect on newborns in the country of Brazil where 4000 babies have been born with Microcephal since October 15 in 2015.

State health Sec. Dr. Sergio Cortes explains that there is a link between these births and the Zika virus. While humans cannot infect each other with the Zika virus the problem comes in the form of a mosquito named the Aedes aegypti. This insect has been known to transmit the Zika virus, dengue, yellow fever, hepatitis a and diarrhea. Dr. Cortes informs us that 80% of people who have the Zika virus will show absolutely no symptoms however the sad reality is how the Zika virus seems to be affecting the unborn children of women that are bitten by this the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Dr. Sergio Cortes, the Duque de Caxia State Health Secretary has assembled evaluation teams and is touring the region of Xerém, Duque de Caxia. The area has been besieged by torrential downpours and is now suffering a major health crisis that is due to the spread disease from the infected standing waters left over from the flooding and rising rivers and waterways. After thorough evaluation teams will be deployed with backpack spray units containing a predetermined mix of sodium hypochlorite. The teams will go out of find stagnent water and actively decontaminate it in hopes of killing all the mosquito larvae and to disinfect the water as well.

3000 antibacterial tablets and 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite have also been cdispersed amongst the local citizens in an attempt to expand the disinfection of instead of water due to the unseasonable flooding. The increased precipitation and heat waves are being blamed on the weather phenomenon known as El Niño. Sec. Sergio Cortes is leading an aggressive campaign on Exame to try to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

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